Adobe Photoshop Elements media monitor

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements which I must say is really awesome photo management software, but it has a really awesome photo management package, but it has a "Adobe Photo Downloader" applet that jumps up and searches for photos whenever u connect removable media. it's really cool for when you plug a digicam in, but I don't want it to search my flashdisk EVERY TIME I plug it in. is there perhaps something I can add to the autorun.inf or perhaps put an .ini file on my flashdisks that will stop APE from searching them?
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steviedeehookAuthor Commented:
Is this in the wrong topic or something?
I doubt that Adobe made the Photo Downloader feature complex enough to offer such an option.

But if, like me, you don't want it running every time Windows boots (because I don't plug a camera in every time Windows boots), then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Camera or Card Reader, and then untick the box labeled "Use Adobe Photo Downloader to get photos from Camera or Card Reader". Then disable the Adobe Active File Monitor V4 (in Windows' Control Panel Administrative Tools).

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