Outlook 2003 Keeps Crashing, Faulting Module ntdll.dll

My Outlook keeps crashing when I try to send a meeting invite. Event Viewer logs this error everytime Outlook crashes. I'm using XP Pro. Anyone has any ideas?

I have tried Detect and Repair, and re-install Outlook only (instead of the whole Office suite) but that didn't help.

Here the log in Event Viewer.
Faulting application outlook.exe, version 11.0.8010.0, stamp 43d16d53, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, stamp 411096b4, debug? 0, fault address 0x00031c6b.
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Greetings, danielsie !

1. Reset the Outlook toolbar template. With Outlook close, do a search for and rename outcmd.dat file. Restart Outlook.

Outcmd.dat is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. It is a hidden file, so you have to unhide hidden files. Go to any folder and select Tools > Folders Options > View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

2. Register an important Outlook file. Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 OLE32.DLL
Do the same for INETCOMM.DLL

3. Disable Outlook Addins.  Go to Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Addin Manager or COMM/Addins and disable the addins.

4. Check if an external program running in the background is interfering with Outlook. Check Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs. Disable these programs one at a time.

5. Create a new Outlook profile.

6. Repair Outlook. With Outlook open, go to Help > Detect and Repair.

7. If no joy, reinstall Outlook.  Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall.  A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.


Best wishes!

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This is usually an anti-virus or anti-spam addin problem.

Disable all anti-virus and anti-spam products.

Reboot, retry.  If successful, enable one ata time until the offending addin is isolated.

Remove the addin porduct.
Update office suite.
Reinstall the addin product.
Update addin if availiable.

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Thanks, war1
danielsieAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm actually helping one of my users fixing his Outlook. I have completed up to Step 5 in your 1st post, still no joy. But my user needs to use his computer to do his daily work so I can't get to it as of now. I'd be sure to try the other suggestions and post the result when I get a chance.

Thanks for your help.
danielsieAuthor Commented:

I finally solved the issue by re-intallin g outlook. thanks for your help.
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