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Problems with IEEE 1394 external HDD

I have a 120GB disc in a USB/firewire enclosure.

I used it, connecting via USB 2.0,  as a backup disc for my desktop. No problems for a year or so.

Recently I bought a new laptop as a desktop replacement and started using the same disc and enclosure, but connected to the laptop's firewire port. The disk functioned as expected.

Within a couple of days the disc became inaccessible: showed as unformatted. Went into disc management, tried changing the drive letter and generally fiddled about with no luck. Couldn't recover anything with Acronis Disk Director.

This happened 3 or 4 times in the space of a few days, whether formatted in NTFS or FAT32.

I reformatted again, connected to the laptop via USB, and have had a couple of months with no problems.

Any ideas please?
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The enclosure has its own power supply.
I'll try another cable and see what transpires.
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Just remembered another possibility. Some enclosures use IDE bridges that are perticular about the master/slave/cs settings. If you have your drive set on cable select, try setting it as master. This would affect both USB and Firewire but worth a try.
Thanks VerifyMe, but that's not the answer. The jumpers were, and still are, set to master.
Hmmm... well if you are still having problems, post some details about your setup. OS version, computer details, brand/model of enclosure, etc.

Have you ruled out the drive as a problem source? Plugged it directly into an IDE cable and tested?
Sorry to keep this dragging on.
I've been reluctant to mess with my main external backup, but I now have another drive to play with, so I'll see what happens.

XP Pro SP1 upgrade with SP2 installed (and all updates current)
AMD 64 3200 CPU
2GB Kingston RAM
2 x 250GB SATA
Enclosure is an ICE 3.5" external sub-system with USB and firewire connections.
Still no problems when connected via USB

I'm about to give it a couple of week's trial with a different disc and cable on firewire.
Thanks VerifyMe,
I've been using it for a couple of weeks on a firewire connection with no problem.
Your comment about the poor quality cable set me thinking, I tried a different cable and in the process noticed that there was a gap between facia of the enclosure connector sockets, did a little judicious bending of internal parts to close the gap.
You started my mental ball rolling so you get the points.
Thanks for the credit and grade!  :)