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Adding custom object to combobox displays wrong.

I have a custom class that inherits from 'System.Collections.CollectionBase' but when I add it to a combobox it displays '(Collection)'

I know that you need to override the ToString() Method, and that works for my other objects but not this one, and I think its because of its inheritance.

Any ideas on why or how to fix it?

My class
public class Picklist : CollectionBase
    private string _name;
    public override ToString()
        return _name;
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Picklist is a Collection / List of items, right? ToString() of that will not help you. ToString() of items contained in the Picklist should do the trick...
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Thanks AlexFM,

My current workaround uses a List<PickList>, and then I just find my picklist with the combobox's selectedindex

I know there are many other work arounds;

 I was just curious why collectionbase's tostring override does not work like others.