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Big house, need to cover 3 floors with wireless.

I am installing a wireless connection throughout a huge 3 story house.  The cable modem is in the basement, so the wireless router will go there.  I cannot run any wire to the upper floors.  So that leaves me with using some kind of repeaters or bridges or something.  I need to know which products are best for this, exact model numbers is not really much of an issue, but lets keep it to netgear, dlink or linksys.  I would prefer answers from those who have actually done an install like this, but its not required.  Also any tips on the actual installation would be fantastic.  Thanks
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if teh price is not a factor i would use the money to upgrade the hosts to 802.11n.  here is a wuick snippet of the new standard

This built-in 802.11n card will offer data transfer rates of up to 270 Mbps and twice the range when paired with an 802.11n wireless network router.

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Get a few Linksys WRT54G routers....  these can be had on ebay, make sure you get a version less than 4.

Then, load each of them with DD-WRT which can be found at:
installation instructions:

DD-WRT is an open source project that gives your basic linksys router the capabilities of a much more advanced router. This will allow you to set up the routers in bridge mode. Instructions for that:

Probably one wireless on the second floor and one in the basement will cover the house.... unless you're talking something really gigantic or made out of metal.... then you may need to spread them around a bit.
Actually, I told you wrong, wireless bridging isn't what you want.... what you want is WDS:
I wouldn't suggest going with N yet, as nothing is finalized and there is no guarantee that new solutions that come on in the near/semi-near future will work with it. Really, it doesn't matter what equipment you use. For the wifi router, i would suggest either the WRT54X (WRT54G, WRT54GS, etc) lines. From there, you can get virtually any wireless equipment as they all pretty much support repeating. You may also want to buy upgraded antannes as the stock ones may not be powerful enough to penetrate your walls / ground with enough power to guarantee a consistant network connection.
i usually wait myself when it comes to NEW technologies.  but in this case i have the 802.11n router and AP's in my home and all works fine and pretty close to the statistics.  And yes there are many products out there, but you might as well go with a proven winner like linksys
you could use powerline as a core up your house