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CD/DVD R/W No longer working with DVD Movies

Hi all,

For some reason my DVD player in my Acer Laptop (Aspire 3000) has stopped woking with DVD Movies?

The player has no problem with audio CD's or data/mixed DVD's but whenever I put a DVD movie into the drive it doesn't detect anything. If I double click on the drive icon it Opens a new window but displays nothing and it does the same if I click Explore?

I have checked the region and it's set to 2, which is correct for the UK and all the DVD's I've tried are also region 2.

It also seems to cause problems if I boot up the laptop with a movie DVD in the drive?

Like I say the only issue I have is with DVD movies and as far as I'm aware there have been no changes to the laptop so I'm lost as to why this is happening?

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The DVD player software may have been corrupted.  Reinstall it, or try VLC Media Player:
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Sounds like you dvd drive might be broke. Try updating your firmware form the drive and if that dose not work see if you can replace it. If it hangs when your booting it is not software that is causing the problem.

Hope you have luck with it.

Mario G feel free to e-mail me at {email removed by Callandor}
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Thanks for the input.

It's not that I can't play the movie, the drive just doesn't reconise that there's a DVD in the drive. If I put the same DVD in another computer and click Open, I can see the contents of the DVD usually VIDEO_TS and an audio folder. When on my laptop it shows nothing, almost like it thinks it's a blank DVD for writing to?

How can it be broke when it is fine reading from CD's and DVD's that are not Movies? Surely if it was broken it would read anything?

Is there any software that could have been installed that messes with protected media?

Did you install any packet-writing software, like InCD?  If you did, that could interfere with it.
No nothing like that, however I did have AnyDVD installed but this isn't on there now
try reinstalling your dvd playing software (apart from WMP) as this should reinstall any codecs required to play dvd's and may solve your problem. if you cannot physically see your .vob and .ifo file in the Video_TS folder of your dvd movie discs then the problem might be you dvd drive - do you have any other drives you can test? Possibly the absence of AnyDVD is what's stopping you as the discs have special protection on them. Try googling and downloading AnyDVD again to see if it fixes it.
Ryan R
uninstalled anything to do with DVD plaback - still doesn't work
gone back to a restore point a few weeks ago when the drive was working - still doesn't work
connected a USB DVD RW - USB DVD works

so it looks like it is pointing to a faulty DVD drive...But it that doesn't explain how I can read of everything other than movies?

It still writes to DVD's perfectly well?
Is there an association with a program when a DVD movie is inserted?  That program may be what is failing.
i've gone into properties of the drive and on the AutoPlay tab I selected DVD Movie and the option is set to Prompt me each time to choose an action. it doesn't prompt me, which i guess is because it doesn't recognise it as a dvd movie?
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cheers 'll give that a go
well Callandor, I uninstalled the ide rebooted and no change, i uninstalled the dvd drive and rebooted, no change, i uninstalled the dvd and ide and rebooted no change. i then rebooted with a dvd in the drive (one that previously wasn't recognised) and everything was fine. I've tried a couple of other dvd's and they work ok to they are even recognised when AnyDVD is on !!

what was the problem? I have no idea! do I care? Not at all I just put it down to one of them oddities you get with computers...

thanks for all your help, i'm awarding the points to you as you persisted with helping me and I think that uninstalling the ide/dvd helped sort the problem out!
I'm glad it worked for you also - it was looking very strange there.