IE Rendering Blank Pages - Refresh Fixes

We just migrated our site from a single CF Standard server to a CF 7 Clustered and IIS 6 Load Balanced environment.  Most everything is running smoothly except for some odd behavior we're seeing out of Internet Explorer.  Every now and then, not always, but often enough to flood us with tech support calls, IE will render a completely blank page.  No errors, CF, JS, or otherwise...just a white screen.  Clicking refresh will then load the page normally.  Ideas?

-Reproduced in IE 6 and 7 beta
-Does NOT occur in Firefox
-Viewing the IE source code of the blank screen shows all the code of the page up to the first CFINCLUDE statemen, then nothing.  There is no CFABORT or anything on the page and, I say again, refresh the page then works.
- It occurs sometimes when users click links, pages load via META refresh, access the site from a bookmark, etc...

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I've seen this before only on certain servers and under specific circumstances.
I can't really explain in detail but this is a coldfusion error.

in your application.cfm file - do a cfdump on the type of vars your app uses i.e.
<cfdump var="#session#">
<cfdump var="#application#">
for the scenario where you get the white screen.
save this screen for comparison.

then remove the dump and abort code and refresh so that page displays correctly.
then dump and abort again

compare the two. I'll bet you find a var thats not defined.
pmascariAuthor Commented:
I found the issue here.  Turns out is was a bug in the Jrun connector between IIS6 and JRun.  I applied the update found at the link below and it solved the issue.

One thing to note...the install instructions this page give assume you have CF installed on the same machine as IIS6.  In our situation we are running CF Clusters in distributed mode where IIS is running on separate machines.  To apply this patch we had to re-build the connectors for each site using the new wsconfig.jar file provided in the link above.
I'm glad you solved the issue.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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