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Memory clock speed

Im using the Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith VE motherboard which supports DDR400 memory. I ran a memory diagnostic with everest and it reports under memory: "Real Clock 161 Mhz(DDR)", "Effective Clock 322 Mhz"

My Dimm modules are as follows:

DIMM1: Corsair VS512MB400
DIMM2: SuperTalent SUPERT
DIMM3: Kingston K
DIMM4: Kingston K

All report the same settings for Memory Timings except the Kingston's report 2 timing: @200mhz and @166mhz. The first 2 just report @200mhz.

I want to get the most out of my system and run the Dual Channel DDR 400. Also my FSB is reporting at 200Mhz, im assuming that is due to the memory. I would like to know if i need to replace any of those ram chips with another one that supports the DDR 400, or do i need to switch around ram modules? Or even a bios setting to change would be helpfull.

The manufacturer's website is:

Thanks for any help.
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Your problem is simple:  you have a DDR333 module mixed with 3 DDR400 modules.  So all of the memory runs at 333Mhz.   Actually, with mismatched SPD's, I'm surprised the memory controller has enabled dual channel (as you said) => are you SURE about this ??   Look in Everest in the Motherboard - Chipset section, and see what the "Active Mode" is for the Memory Controller.

I'd suggest you remove the two mismatched Kingston modules, and then check Everest.   You should then see a real clock of 200MHz, effective clock of 400MHz, and the Active Mode should be Dual Channel.

Another question (more comments after the answer):  Are your memory modules single or dual sided (chips on one side or both) ??

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All of them have chips on both sides, also when did i say the controller enabled dual channel? If i do have a DDR333 module in there how do i determine which one? Is there a software package that can determine it for me? I am almost 100% sure ive purchased PC-3200 memory, always.
Reviewing the question you didn't whether or not it was running dual channel;  just that you wanted to.   As I asked above, what does Everest show for the active mode?

You did indicate that one of the Kingston modules was reporting a 333 speed (166MHz) => was that from the SPD info ??
CPU-z will identify each ram module by slot and give you specifics on speed and timnigs as well as manufacture date etc.
Just unzip it to the foler you download it to and click on the CPU-z icon
Here's what ive done, i tested the 2 Kingston modules in there by themselves. Boom, dual channel 400. I went and bought a new memory stick and tried replacing the Supertalent, still at 333, replaced the corsair, still 333. Its almost like no matter which combination i have in there i will not get DDR 400 running all 4 banks, any advice?
Is there anything in the motherboard manual that says the RAM speed will be restricted to 333 if all slots are used?
"Its almost like no matter which combination i have in there i will not get DDR 400 running all 4 banks, any advice?" ==>  That's the reason I asked if you had single or double sided modules.   With double-sided modules you are putting 64 loads on the control and address buses whenever you access memory.   That's simply too many for RAM to run reliably at its maximum speed;  so the system is slowing it down to 333.   If you used single-sided memory modules, or if you only installed two modules (you could use 1GB modules instead of 512 and still have the same total memory), then you wouldn't have this problem.   There's really nothing you can do about it;  the memory is simply degrading the signal on the control and address buses too much to operate at 400MHz.
Hey Callandor( "the Sword That is Not a Sword" )
Have you ever seen a Chaintech manual, real skimpy.
 But they did offer this tidbit for the memory population rules
-->Due to CPU specifications limitation, two DDR400 memory modules
inserted into DIMM1/3, three DDR400 into DIMM1/2/3, or four DDR400
into DIMM1/2/3/4 is not recommended.

So I guess that 2 modules of DDR400 in slots 1-2 is ok
That manual link didn't copy properly Go here and click the TAIWAN link
That manual is mostly 4 language versions of the same thing!
Exactly, 20 pages (including a table contents) of very widely spaced tidbits with very little meat.