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Backup Exec - Exchange Brick Level Backup Selection Errors

I've recently installed Backup Exec 10d on a Windows Storage Server 2003 NAS box along with the Exchange Remote Agent, selecting the Information Store for backup works perfectly but the Brick Level Selection fails with an Access Denied error, does anyone know how to fix this?
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Here's the Veritas article you need to run through:
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As has already been mentioned - DONT do brick level backups - it is not supported by Microsoft, and a waste of time

They are not worth the effort and totally useless when it comes to restoring the server from a failure.

Backup the Information Store, System State and that's all, if you think you are having trouble with brick levels now, just wait until you get some corrupted mail!

I have several clients running brick level backup on the storage box/server --- for years.
According to Microsoft Tech and Pre Sales, the issue of whether to separate this is:
a) total users
b) total cpu used based on foreground and background programs and total memory accessible.

You'd be surprise how much you can do on a single server.

In any case...
I did have this problem.
I did call Veritas tech.

My administrative access to Exchange server was out of sync with what I had told Backup Exec.
Also, make sure the user in your Services is in sync with the other two.
I had to rerun the install or one of the Wizards....I forget which one.

I will be out of town til next Wednesday, but will try to log in from somewhere to see how this thread goes.
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The Exchange admin had not created a mailbox for this AD account??! Created now and all working fine. Thanks for the responses.
Glad you fixed it, sorry to hear you are going to persist with Brick Level Backups anyway...