Maximize MDI Parent form over entire desktop

VB.Net 2002.

I would like to be able to maximize the main mdi parent form of an application to cover the entire screen including the windows task bar. This is a nice option for the user to have from a context menu and not a must have (although I really want to do it hence the question!!)

I have tried the following from a search (idlemind) (plus similar from George Shepard but I guess it is not working as my form is an mdi form (i have noticed other things dont work with mdi forms today e.g. trying to dispose of a form during load event)

        Dim SR As Rectangle = Screen.PrimaryScreen().GetBounds(New Point(0, 0))
        Me.Location = New Point(0, 0)
        Me.Size = New Size(SR.Width, SR.Height)

I don't know if this can be done without reams of code so if it isn't going to be concise I will accept an answer to that effect and forget about it. For that reason i am just giving 250 points as I have a feeling the answer will be can't be done without a couple of pages of code to analyse.

PS. I have also tried setting border to none, topmost window etc....

I seem to remember all the above did work before my project became MDI and I was messing about with border styles!
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
(using VB.Net 2005 Express)

It works for me when the TopMost property is set to True and the BorderStyle is the normal Sizeable.

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JeffvClaytonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment, just to prove what I said i opened up an old project (IsMdiContainer = False) and entered the above code and sure enough whole screen gets covered. I then changed IsMdiContainer=True and hey presto it also worked which was a bit of a surprise.

I have now figured out why my new project doesn't work... The WindowState was set to Maximized (seemed reasonable). By setting WindowState to normal and then using my context menu to fire the above code, the form covers the entire screen. Clicking on the Maximize Box while in this state returns the window to being above the Windows Taskbar.

Its now 8.22am and a new day which helps. Thanks for the comment to make me try again. (Still waiting for VB.Net 2005 to arrive! Maybe Monday)


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