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Issues installing dual video card in Dell Optiplex desktop

Hi all-
I am running into some issues with a Dell Optiplex GX520 (3gig intel P4/1GB RAM/160GB HD) and a dual video card, Jaton 198 Twin. The Dell was spec'd with an integrated video (Intel I think). The installation went smoothly, but now the user is experiencing problems. She says that everything will freeze, she'll see red splotchiness on the display, and then the primary monitor will go black (and the power light switches to orange). Below is my SOP for installing dual video cards/monitors:

1. turn off box and install hardware
2. turn on box-go into safe mode with networking-login as admin
3. go to device manager and disable integrated video
4. install new video card driver
5. restart go into bios and double check bios settings (Dell sets these to auto detect new vid cards at factory)
6. complete setup of monitors in dsiplay properties
7. install NVIDIA software for use with dual monitors

When I got to step 3 I noticed that drivers for the JAton card were already installed and the intgrated card was not listed under display adapters. BUT an 'other device' was listed with a large yellow question mark. listed below were 'video controller' and 'video controller (VGA compatible)' both with that large yellow ? marks. I later went back in and disabled these items. That did not help the problem. The user continured to experience problems. I checked the IRQs and nothing was stepping on them. The latest version of DirectX has been installed (prior to card install) and windows was fully updated (also prior to card install). I did update the video drivers for the Jaton 198 card and I am waiting to see if that solves the issue.

Here are my questions:
1. Any thoughts on what is causing the display issues?

2. Am I installing these things properly? (I was thinking my steps should be 2,3,5,1,2,4,6,7)

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Usually an integrated graphics card wont work well with an addin, Go into the bios and in the video optios set the pci card (Jaton card) as the primary video controller, and see if the issues persist.
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believe for dual monitors, you need:

1) Dual addin cards (usually onboard devices are not sufficient) ... might also need to be same internal architecture (PCI, etC).


2) add in card with support for dual display