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maximise the login script DOS window

i run a login script that the the users have a tendency to ignore when actually, i want them to wait for it to complete... seems that a good solution would be to maximise the DOS window while the screen was running but i am not certain how to do this.... a registry setting i suspect.... can anyone tell me where to tell the registry to run dos windows in full screen mode  
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perhaps i could even maximize it!!!   i have attempted many suggestions given throughout experts-exchange to no avail... the suggestions for keeping people out of their desktops until a login script completes have also been unsuccessful
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no matter where i change things the window always runs on the task bar in a minimized condition.... when i start my DOS window from anywhere else at all it runs completely maximized but the login script that does xcopys to move software around still runs minimized... i'll take a look at the links you provided and thank you very much
and by the way, this is the login in script as provided from the 2003 server.... maps drives moves files down from server to clients etc
Just looked at and tried the recommendations from these three links.  They are all pretty much the same in telling one that the runsync should be set to 1 (enable) in the registry where 0 (disabled) is the default.  I have changed it to 1 but the server dealt login script is still running as I open various icons on the desktop so it does not work as I need it to.  The links having to do with maximizing the window will not function from a server provided login script.  good thoughts but didn't work
MY MISTAKE!!!!  I was dead wrong and the solutions offered above worked perfectly.  Thank you very much!  Best answers I've gotten in a long time!
can you tell us what you did to resolve the question?