How to reset IRQs in Windows XP when the keyboard's IRQ is disabled?

I disabled the IRQs, in Windows Device Manager - not the motherboard setup, that controls my keyboard and my USB ports.  I was going to re-inable them but my computer restarted.  Now I am at the Windows welcome screen and I cannot use my keyboard to hit ctrl+alt+del to log in.  How do I reset Windows' IRQs and get my keyboad back?  

I have tried a PS2 Keyboard and a USB Keyboard.  No dice.
I have tried restoring just the Windows directory.  No dice.
Tried Safe Mode.  No dice.
Both the PS2 and USB keyboards work in BIOS, just not in Windows.

I could restore the entire boot drive from a backup, will that help?  Is there an easier way to reset the IRQs in Windows?

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Ted-SAuthor Commented:
Ok, I am no restoring the drive...
Ted-SAuthor Commented:
I am *NOW* restoring the drive >_<
Ted-SAuthor Commented:
I tried setting the IRQ control to Manual in the BIOS.  No dice.
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Hi Ted-S,
Please take a look at this post for some step by step instructions:

Good Luck,
Ted-SAuthor Commented:

This is not a CMOS IRQ issue.  This is a Windows IRQ issue.  Resetting the CMOS IRC stuff would do nothing.

Restoring the drive worked.  Good thing I take an automatic backup image of my boot drive every night at 2am with DriveImage 7  :D  This proves that the motherboard/CMOS has nothing to do with Windows controled IRQ setting.  They are two seprate things: you can have Windows control them or the BIOS can.  Most machines default to Windows.  You have to manually setup BIOS control of IRQs.  I am disapointed no one solved this before I did.  Guess I will continue to hold off subscribing to this site...
Ted-SAuthor Commented:
Still, if anyone can tell me how to reset Windows IRQs when you cannot get to the Device Manager I will give them the points as long as it doesnt require reinstalling or restoring.
Does it make you press CTRL+ALT+DEL to login in safe mode?

You could do a system restore from the Recovery Console:
     How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting;en-us;307545

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have you tried erd commander?
you can change your irq's with the program
Ted-SAuthor Commented:
Crash: "Does it make you press CTRL+ALT+DEL to login in safe mode?"

YES it does :)

So far bgbeer is the closest to a solution.  I am going to download a trial of ERD Commander and try it tonight.
You might also want to look at these:
There is also 'Barts':

I did the pebuilder at work 2 days ago and it only took about 20 minutes to download and create the Boot Disk.

All of the GUI interfaces about about like navigating in regular Windows.

A very cool tool.
Ted-SAuthor Commented:
I am guessing that IRQ setting are in the registry, so Crash's idea for using the Recovery Console should also work.  Looks like bgbeer and Crash will share points so far.
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