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Windows Installer runs everytime I open a folder

I have a wierd problem,

Everytime I open a folder or do anything with explorer, the Windows Installer runs the Adobe Acrobat 7.0 setup. Anyone know how to fix this? I"ve tried running RegMechanic and CCleaner, but no luck with those.
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do you already have Acrobat 7 fully installed?
If not let it install, if it is already installed could you download msconfig and check the startup options?
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Yes, Acrobat 7 is fully installed
The link to the file on that page doesn't work. I don't think that file is there anymore.
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Uninstalling it all should sort it...
Here's a working link to msconfig as it's worth having even if you don't need it to resolve your issue
I got msconfig. Thanks for the links. What should I disable ?
I don't think msconfig will help, the issue is MSI not an application during startup.

if there's a refererence to Acrobat, disable that.

Like I mentioned though, msconfig may not help with 'this' issue but it's always good to have as a lot of programs get added to the startup, which slows down the PC and this is the easiest way to remove them.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat? Or just uninstalling it for now
Uninstalling Acrobat worked. Can anyone explain why it happened?

matrixnz already did "the MSI install hasn't completed which is why the error occurs"

this could have been down to the PC's shutting down before completing the install, a crash, a problem with one of the processes etc