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Need location of desktop wallpaper, which originally came from a crashed hard drive.

Hi.  This one is tougher than it seems, so you get the full 500 points.  There may not be an answer.

I had a hard drive crash, lost my "D" drive.  The "C" drive (boot drive) remains.  I lost a lot of pictures, only one picture is left... the wallpaper on my desktop.  This picture was on the "D" drive when I set it (right click, set as wallpaper, full screen, in Compupic).  I've looked virtually everywhere on my C drive, under the active administrator, but I can't find where the picture went/is.  

Unfortuately, "regedit" won't work on this machine now, which may have lead me to the file.

I'd like to get the picture, of my kid, back since I won't do the recovery thing on the drive $$$ for many months.  Any ideas on HOW TO FIND THIS MISSING PICTURE from a hard drive that doesn't exist anymore (and is disconnected)?  It HAS to be somewhere on the C drive... doesn't it?  

((P.S. already looked in Windows/web/wallpaper)).  Searched for *.jpg and *.bmp in "Windows" and "Documents and Settings," doubt that it's there.
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Have you tried:
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Pictures

I know you said you already looked in this folder but maybe you can try again:

Also did you check to make sure to show hidden files?

Check here:

C:\Documents and Settings\{old user account name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

The file name would be "Wallpaper1.bmp"

Check here:

C:\Documents and Settings\{user account name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

The file name would be "Wallpaper1.bmp"
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There is a picture called Wallpaper1.bmp-- thought we had it-- but it was a different picture (which had been the wallpaper a while back).  Re-checked all of Professa's locations.

Possible Hint: since I can't do regedit, isn't there another way to see where the computer goes during BOOT-up?  I've looked at a few desktop.ini's.  The pic has to be somewhere!  maybe re-named?
maybe a silly idea you could snapshot the current  desktop wallpaper using the print screen then save as jpeg using paint using the edit paste, then file save as..
In paintshop you simply hit the print screen next to f12 then open paintshop and paste then file save as.

At least you would have some kind of copy do this before changing or finding any connection. It could dissappear.

If you had a theme in xp it could also be in system resources folders themes.
HOW TO FIND THIS MISSING PICTURE from a hard drive that doesn't exist anymore (and is disconnected)?

if you can access another pc/ friends family co-worker, if it has cdrom drive on this rom drive is the ide cable ribbon and power connector, these will fit your hdd exactly,if it is not a sata just a normal hdd.
And if the hdd is not actually dead just windows..

You will have to remove your hdd which is easy, you'll need a screw driver to take off the side case  unpower it first pull out the power plug unscrew the sidecase ,  unscrew the screws on your hdd,then using flat nosed pliers pull out the one ide and the white power connector,
look at the rear of the hdd see the pin using tweezers move it to slave.
There is a diagram on top of the hdd.
on the other computer unpower it.
Now unplug the cdrom ide and power plug these into your hdd the pinstrip out, then just sit the hdd on top of the tower.
power in again and reboot.
Its a bit slower wait once the desktop loads windows will find new hardware, your hdd now instead of the cdrom drive, go to my computer and it will now be D drive, save off your files. personal stuff.
if the picture was on the D: drive, you should look for it there.
If you can access the drive by hooking it as a slave to the IDE cable, you can search for it.
If you know the name of the picture, it should help, or the extension. was it .jpg or .bmp  orwhat?  look for this then : in the search box, type *.jpg  (for jpg files)      it will show all jpg files.                  
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The "D" drive doesn't work-- it makes that clicking sound.  It's a SCSI drive, too.  It was an extra drive, not the boot drive.  My thinking is:  when I set the picture as my wallpaper, it copied the pic to the "C" drive, which is why it still appears.  ** Isn't there a way for the computer to tell me where it goes for the pic, during the boot process-- some .ini where the location will be revealed??
if you right click on the desktop>properties>desktop, click on the displayed picture, and then on the knob brows; it will show the location
but my earlier post still remains true : but search the c drive instead.
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Merete-- I liked your solution right away, but it took me a while to figure out that I needed to open Paint in order to PrintScreen.  This appears to be the only answer, since the original picture file itself is in some kind of weird limbo.  The pic in question now resides on my new desktop, and looks good.
awe great to hear brr8760 I was getting a little concerned for you as this was the only copy you have. And messing with settings you could lose it. Sigh
well done you figured it out too
print screen is an awsome little tool
use it often it comes in handy to save settings email address or ip configuration anything you would like to keep a quick visual backup copy.
Remember to burn off your files to cd just incase.
Hdd have a life of around 4 years if your lucky.
Thank you
Regards Merete