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Setting up on two sites

Hi Guys,

Please could you advise me on the best way of doing the following?

We have two sites that aren't connected to each other but both can access the internet.  We want to be able to send and receive email to various addresses and between sites.  Ideally we would like all internal email inside a site or site to site to be as quick as possible.

I think the current set up is two exchange servers and downloading via pop.

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What version of exchange servers are they.

What I suggest is to have bridgehead server on one of the sites and route all the email to forward through that Bridgehead server and to SMTP filter.You can use SMTP connetors between these 2 sites to routes email depeending on the which site they are located. You may also create a recipient policy site1.local and site2.local and apply to the users depending on where they are located. This would help you when creating the SMTP connectors and route the email depending on the dummy email addresses.But to work this you need to have dedicated line between the 2 sites.

To really answer your question you need to provide the complete information about how your 2 sites are steup.
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Hi all

My collegue posted the original question and has it slightly wrong. The problem is as follows:

We have an Exchange Server (2003) in our main office being fed by an SMTP feed, with a mail domain of

We will also be installing Exchange Server 2003 at a remote site and it also requires to be on the same E-Mail domain. Not only that we have around 20 teleworkers who want to download their e-mail onto their laptops via PoP3 yet still have access to their E-Mail via exchange when they are at the office. I know that they can connect to our exchange server and download their mail directly when they are working out side the office however we have had complaints that it is too slow as we are operating off a standard ADSL line. We would like if possible to redirect the mail for PoP3 to another server so that it can be downloaded at the proper speed. Forwarding the mail when it has arrived at our exchange has proved problematic, the powers that be do not want it to be on a different domain when its forwarded (still Exchange beleives it IS and does not forward it out.

My solution would be to have two domains, one for main E-Mail and one for forwarding.
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