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Linking images to access database

Hello Experts,
I have what I hope is a simple problem to solve in Access 2000.

I have a database that I would like to display images in. (I recently deleted all the images out of the database becuase it was getting too big).

Each record has a record ID, and all the images I want to display are stored in C:\valuations\
Not every record has an image, but all the images follow a naming format of <record ID Number>.jpg

So record 1234 has an image 1234.jpg

Is there some way I can link the image to the record to display it on the form and in the report (one record per report).
There are two outcomes I would like...

1) To be able to set up a default path to the file for each record so I dont have to manually link each file to each record. If the image is present it will automatically load.

2) To only have the image location/path stored in the database and to have it load 'as required' for viewing and printing purposes (i.e. not stored in the database).

I am a bit of an Access know-nothing so some detail would be appreciated.
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Add an image control called ImageFrame to the form, and bind a control called ImageID to the record ID (you can set it to not visible if required, then in the form's OnCurrent event add the following code

 Private Sub Form_Current()
Dim strImageName as String
On Error Resume Next
strImageName="C:\Imagefolder\" & Me.[ImageID] & ".jpg"
if Dir(strImageName)<>"" then strImageName= ""   'Clear the image if one doesn't exist

Me![ImageFrame].Picture = strImageName

 End Sub
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Also - you can do it in this way: (Also shows how to do it in reports)
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Hello again,
Okay I have tried to follow rockiroads advice... (I warned you, Im not good at access!) But something has gone astray...

I have a Bound Object Frame (where I would expect the image to come up) called MyImg
(is this the image control? I dont know what an image control is?)

The record ID is displayed on the form
Ive added that code to the form.
Ive also created that module

But I get an error 'Run-time error '438', Object doesnt support this property or method.

Then the de-bugger points to this line
if Dir$(sFile) <> "" Then Me.myImg.Picture = sFile else Me.myImg.Picture = ""
Highlighting:  Me.myImg.Picture = sFile else

Clearly Ive made a motzza of the myImg image control thingy.
No, u dont want a bounded object frame

Its just a image control

On the toolbox toolbar, I think its the one after the command button

When u add the image control, and if it prompts u for a file, then select any image
then go to the field properties for that image control

Clear the setting in "Picture"  - its the file u just selected
Ensure the "picture type" is set to "Linked"
Depending on how big the pics are, u could also set the "Clip" property to be "Stretch"
You my friend are an absolute bloody legend.

Worked a treat.
Just one more thing...
Ive tried doing exactly the same thing in the report, but it didnt work.

The report doesnt like the
sFile = IMAGE_DIR & Me.ID & ".jpg"

Is this more complex?
Where in the report code did u add it? It should more or less work

Did u place it inside

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

End Sub

What u might need to do is setup a default image (can be just blank) which u set in your report


    Dim sFile As String
    sFile = IMAGE_DIR & Me.ID & ".jpg"
    If Dir$(sFile) <> "" Then
        Me.myImg.Picture = sFile
        Me.myImg.Picture = IMAGE_DIR & "dummy.jpg"
    End If

Actually scrub that. I think the visible property would suit you better

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

    Dim sFile As String
    sFile = IMAGE_DIR & Me.ID & ".jpg"
    If Dir$(sFile) <> "" Then
        Me.myImg.Picture = sFile
        Me.myImg.Visible = True
        Me.myImg.Picture = ""
        Me.myImg.Visible = False
    End If

End Sub

Clearly not, worked when I did put it in there though.