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Help.....! Group policies not being applied to 2003 server

I have one server that will not apply any group policies from the OU that it sits in. 7 other 2003 servers of same hardware sit in OU and have all policies applied.
I've tried renaming server, reboot then rename back and rejoin AD while removing computer account from AD.

When I run gpresult it looks like it's sitting in computers container as no policies are listed..

Is there any other tools to run from client that will look to see where computer account is??

thanks in advance a lot!!

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Can you paste the errors from App log from the server.
Check whether your server is in Computer container. Once you delete the computer account and readd it , it will go to computer container by default.
If it is in computer container move it to right OU after which run gpupdate /force to sync the GP on the server
run gpresult.exe on the client it will clearly show you what policies are/is applied.
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gpupdate /force command you need to run from Client PC, not from domain controller.
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I think the most interesting thing he mentioned was "When I run gpresult it looks like it's sitting in computers container as no policies are listed.."

Be sure you have rebooted the machine after you move it into the correct OU.
try gpresult and checl what policies are applied to the server
if you don't like the commandsl ine try
resultant set of policy by right click in the server on ADUC and checoose resultant set of policy (logging mode) and check if policies are linked and applied or not