Raid 5 strip size

Hi could someone tell me the best strip size to use for raid5 I have 14 sata2 400gig drives installed in a storage server the only data being saved to these drives is video security data continously the opperating systems is using its own controller separate from the adaptec raid controller for the storage drives.

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Hi nchannon,

Is the video data comprised of jpg images taken by a security camera?   Since these are usually very small files, you would want the stripe size to be (image size)/(number of array drives).  This will probably be the smallest stripe size setting you can choose.  You would choose this to avoid data fragmentation and inefficient use of your storage space.

However, if you are writing huge video files in realtime the strategy is reversed.  You want to choose the largest stripe size possible to keep your data as contiguous as possible among the array members.  This also leverages the cache features built in to both your drives and your controller.  This would avoid a bottleneck writing and reading from the array.

A real world example of these strategies is at my site.  We have several Netbotz security appliances.  Some capture jpg images for which we have found the first strategy to be the best for storage optimization and speed.  Others capture live video which requires a good deal more storage throughput and works best with the fastest drive arrays we can configure using large stripe sizes.

Good Luck,
- gurutc
nchannonAuthor Commented:
Hi gurutc,
 The video captured is from 60 cameras streaming all together compressed using MPEG-4 so we are saving large amounts of data so from your sugestion I will try the largest strip size that is avalibile to me. I will wait for your advise then award you your points thanks. I see you are a surfer I am also a surfer but I use a kite as well kite surfing you are most prob familar with this sport great for blowing out the computer cobwebs from the brian.
I am a crazed surfer, kite surfer, and kite landboarder in Columbia, South Carolina, US.  I am trying to get my kite-tow-in wired but I can't cipher the right kite size yet.  Sounds like the big stripe size will suit you well.  Check my profile for my email and drop me a line if you are ever this way.

Hooray TS->Cane Florence.  Gonna make a run to the coast Saturday!

- gurutc

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nchannonAuthor Commented:
I don't know what kite size you have but my sugestion is the new BESTwaroo bow kite they are great for example a 9 meter bow kite will work in the same wind range as a 7 C kite upto a 12 C kite so one bow kite dose a great wind range and they have excellent depower. only thing with them is you must have the blader pumped up really hard or in high wind they will collapes in the center. my 9 was ok in 18knots but collaps in 28 knots so next time i was out i pumped the bladders hard and the kite was fine.
From Ireland Safe kiting my friend  and thanks for your help
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