Can anyone tell me which is the latest and best anti virus package available for small companies who
have a LAN of around 25 computers

Currently we are using Panda but we find that it takes up a lot of memory and slows down the processor

The firewall in Panda also does not allow incoming network connections on the LAN. So we are obliged to
uninstall the firewall


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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
This debate will rage on and on forever and ever. The bottom line, there is no one single winner, there are multiple AV solutions that do great jobs. I personally preffer McAfee's products. Others like Norton, AVG, ClamAV etc.
The fact of the matter is, you can reduce your need for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware tools altogether, please read:

Most of the links above are from M$ itself, and it's long been a fact of computing, Unix/Linux/BSD/MAC OS have been using the Pricipal of least privilege for years.
And finally in Vista, M$ will finally start using it too, 15 years too late.

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fluidynAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments

How does Panda antivirus rate ? is it good or has many drawbacks

I would like to know if I should change to another antivirus


Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
You can't pick a clear winner, but Panda is as good as any from what I hear.,124475;page,1/article.html
You basically have to read comparisons like the above, with other comparison, even though panda is 6th, on another review it might be first... you can't really go by what others say too much, I'd give it a try and see if it worked for me.,1895,1891760,00.asp

Any AV you select should be fine, and even more so if you follow best practices as I outlined above, you PRACTICALLY don't need AV if you do.
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:,1895,2014208,00.asp Talks about how the M$ OS Vist is using Best Practices to help secure the OS from worms/viri/mal-ware etc...
That is page two, page one is here:,1895,2014205,00.asp
As a small business, you obviously cannot spend bucks and time messing around with stuff that is proving to be a problem in your environment.

But as we can all agree, it can sometimes take a few tries before a proper fit is found.

All AV packages will use server resources and if designed correctly, will use minimal resources.

There is no magic "good for small business" package.  It all depends on how the software integrates into your environment and how well maintained your environment is.  If you are not happy with your current (name brand) solution, then it's time to move on.  Then maybe the second solution may not work eitherand then you'll move on again.

The ones mentioned are all have good industry reputations including Trend Micro and Symantec.

RichRumble already has said it all, but here is my $.02 worth.

I've been using McAfee/NAI ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) for almost 5 years and recomend it every chance I get.
It is scalable (from very small to several 100,000+ host networks) and configurable (settings, scans, updates, etc) for all time zones and all functions.
My networks have typically been in the 1,500 - 2,000 host range.
On a daily basis, 100% of my computers (that have touched the network in the past 24 hours) have the most current definition files.
The detailed information (hardware, software, firmware, user info) collected from the 'agent' running on the remote host is enough to make even a crusty old Security Manager smile.
I have gone through four NT - AD migrations. Two with ePO and two without. The grunt work involved in the migration is probably halved with it.
BTW - asking Security folks which is the 'best' anything is bound to raise a ruckus.
The efficacy of several applications is about even - AT THE HOST LEVEL.
Nothing I've seen (11 years in Network Security) matches up to ePO/McAfee.
And it is configurable (repeat) for % of processor used and time of scans.

The Administrator configures all of the settings and it is taken out of the users hands - a highly desirable trait for this Administrator.
Good Luck,
Hi keith_alabaster,
Thank you, but please drop my name out of the "split".
I didn't say anything that hadn't been said already.

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