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Hard drives crashed in Mac

I think the drive crashed in my Mac.  the OS wouldnt load up.  When I put the Cd in to reinstall the OS, the drive doesn't show up at all.  No drive is there to select.  I bought a new 80GB IDE drive and put it in as master, this drive still doesnt show up when I go through the OS install.   Do Mac's use regular IDE drives?  I also tried new IDE cable with same results.  
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The old drive did crash, the new drive needed to be formatted in disk utility, it is working now.
Mac's  use regular IDE drives, but you have to format the drive as a Mac drive before it will mount.

You might be able to resurrect the old drive by using the Disk First Aid tab in Disk Utility.

What model Mac do you have?
Mac G4 Quicksilver
800 Mhz

I got the drive working and Mac OS x tiger installed.  Now I have another problem, I need to install mac os 9 also, can I install this after OS X?
Yes you can.
Well it wouldn't work, so i toasted the whole system and I am installing os 9 first and then os x after.
When you formatted the drive using Disk Utility, did you tick the check box of "Install OS 9 drivers"? If not, you will have to reformat if you want the drive to be bootable in OS 9.
The Mac is back up and running now with a new drive in it.  I now want to recover the data from the old drive.  If I plug the corupted Mac drive into my pc, is there software out there that could recover the mac data?  Id then like to copy that data to other drive or burn it to DVD.
It would be easier to recover it from a Mac. What type of Mac do you have? If it is a G4 tower, it will support two drives.
Yes it is a G4 and it does support another drive.  I will put that drive as slave.  Is there any free recovery software out there, or anything built in on Mac OS X?
Here are instructions on adding that drive as a slave:

There are a couple of things to note. Older G4's (older than the mirrored door or Quicksilver 2002 Education model, required the two drives to be jumpered as master and slave . Newer ones require both drives to be jumpered as Cable Select. See:   You will have to determine which model of G4 you have.

If yours is an older one which requires Master and Slave, be alert to the fact that some drives (Western Digitals in particular) have different jumper settings for "Single" and "Master with Slave".

After you get the slave drive installed, open Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder on your hard drive), go the Disk First Aid section and run the Repair Drive option on the slave drive. If you are lucky, this might repair the drive.

If not, let us know what Disk First Aid tells you and we can tell you where to go from there.
I got it working, I added the second drive as cable select and the drive showed up.  I then just copied all the files I needed over.
You should still run Disk First Aid on the old drive.
why?  I am just going to throw it out.  do you think it could still work good?
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The drive is bad, I removed it.  Everything is working.  Thanks.