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creating administrator account


By mistake i disabled the current administrator account without creating the new admin account. Actually i created the new admin account. And when i restarted the computer it says you dont have previledges to install this software. That means the admin account i have no rights to install anything. It means this account is a user account not an admin account. Now what to do i already disabled my current administrator account and i only have one user account named "admin". I dont wana reinstall windows xp professional again.

Please help me out

Best Regards
Shaukat Waqar
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Offline password tool..
I know the password is probably fine, but this tool also unlocks and resets the failed login counts for the specified accounts. Create the boot disk and give it a go...
You can try the NT Admin Reset disk to unlock the account:
Read the site FULLY!
Or, you can try safe-mode and or the recovery console with the XP install CD.
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im not using windows NT. im using WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL
and the problem is not to reset the password but to enable the acount
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"and the problem is not to reset the password but to enable the acount"

I know, that disk that you can create the link from, can 'enable' accounts....

i tired but it will automatically log me in to the user account. It wont show me any login screen
Here is a post about the boot disk...

RID     : 0500 [01f4]
Username: Administrator
comment : Built-in account for administering the computer/domain
homedir :

Account bits: 0x0210 =
[ ] Disabled        | [ ] Homedir req.    | [ ] Passwd not req. |
[ ] Temp. duplicate | [X] Normal account  | [ ] NMS account     |
[ ] Domain trust ac | [ ] Wks trust act.  | [ ] Srv trust act   |
[X] Pwd don't expir | [ ] Auto lockout    | [ ] (unknown 0x08)  |
[ ] (unknown 0x10)  | [ ] (unknown 0x20)  | [ ] (unknown 0x40)  |

Failed login count: 0, while max tries is: 0
Total  login count: 3

* = blank the password (This may work better than setting a new password!)
Enter nothing to leave it unchanged
Please enter new password: *

Some information is displayed. Also, if the account is locked, you will be asked if you wish to unlock it (not shown here)

*I am pretty sure it should ask to enable the account, thats where I was going with this....I might be a tad off....
No Problem guys i fixed the problem. It wont show me any login screen when i try to run OS with Safe mode. It automatically login to user account. But in the same safe mode what i did is log out  with current user account and try to login with administrato account. And it works.

Shaukat Waqar