Terminal server not displaying open files and sessions

Hello, I have a Win2k3 terminal server.  My previous experience working with these was that in the shared folders snap-in you could see open files and sessions and close them if needed for administrative purposes.  Recently, I did some maintenance on this box and needed to do a reboot.  While there were one or two connections listed in the terminal sessions manager, no files where listed as open or sessions listed as active in the shared folders snap in.  Thinking nothing was open I had rebooted the server, but it appears one individual was working and lost data.  I am wondering if I am missing something in the display here?  Is there another way to see open files in a terminal server? Is the reason I am not seeing any openfiles because they may have been part of a windows local profile and not on a server share per se?

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your doing what I usually do to check for files in use as well. But i also check task manager to see what apps the users have open as well.  not sure what else you can do short of doing a net send that all users will get notice of a server reboot.

jfex --

Using the shared folders snap in to determine open files can be unreliable in my experience.   What I like to do is check the TS Manager, see who is logged in, ask them to logout and also check the Processes tab.  If I cannot get someone to logout, I'll see what they are running to determine the risk assocaited with just bouncing the box.  Also, you can take control of their session from the TS Manager and close apps/docs before bouncing them.

I know that it becomes an economy of scale and if you have 200 people logged in that it's not reasonable to do this, but if you check the processes you can at least assess your risk factor.

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jfexchangeAuthor Commented:
thanks gents, I will have to do a little more research next time then.
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