Weird Outlook 2003 Error, Blank From and Subject Field in View

I attached a pic so everyone can see what I am talking about:

I have the preview window checked so when you click on the mail it shows it to the right.  And when you double-click on the item it opens like a normal piece of mail.  It just does not display the from and subject until you open it??  The sent items folder is normal.  Just the Inbox seems to be displaying wrong.  Its probably something easy and something I am really overlooking but I can't figure it out.  Thanks in advance....  Oh yeah, one more thing when I log in as admin on that computer and add her account to view.  Her Inbox comes up like normal, so it seems like a setting that was changed or something like that???

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Hi Keith

It seems you have filtering turned on, turn this off and it should  start to work again.

teamorangeAuthor Commented:

When I go to View, Arrange By, Custom...   Filter says it is turned Off...   So I am still stumped.

Its the little things that drive you nuts...

David LeeCommented:
Greetings, teamorange.

How about restting that one view to see if the problem goes away?

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Hi again

Hmm Ok bit more puzzling alright can you please check the following
Click View
Click Arrange by
Click Custom
Click Fields
Under Select available fields from:
Select Frequently -used fields
Under Show these fields in this order:
Do you see From | Subject | Size | Importance | Icon | Flag Status | Attachment | Received |
You don't need all of them but I believe these are the default

Can you verify

There is a command line switch to reset views. At start > run - type and ok: outlook /resetviews or outlook/cleanviews

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It's outlook /cleanviews and you may need to give the full path to outlook.
teamorangeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, I finally figured it all out with the help from everyone, here is the run line command to reset everything and it worked perfect!!

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe " /cleanviews

Here is a site that has come pretty cool outlook tips...

Thanks again for the help!!!
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