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Which patch set for a database Any newer then 3501955?

never patched so far,
mainly use 10g databases
but also have a production database server version and it has not been patched so far

--or is it really don't know what is this CORE supposed to be, but is not
select * from v$version
Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
PL/SQL Release - Production
CORE      Production
TNS for Linux: Version - Production
NLSRTL Version - Production

I have several problems with it and decided to patch it
(pls. do not go here into why patch, maybe other solution would be more appropriate, thx)

The patch I was able to find on metalink is the following:3501955
Theoretically it'll upgrade it to

Is there a newer patchset which upgrades to a higher version?
Will I face incompatibility issues? like someone said that the listener will work differently from version then in and listener.ora will have to be modified in order to keep the database available for non-local connections?

Thank you very much
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techji is out. This is the terminal patch for this version.
There are no incompatability issues that I noticed when I moved from to newer versions.
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Also dont forget to apply the "Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2006". This has many security fixes for oracle networking components.

metalink doc # 372927.1
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Thanks techji,
just reading the readme page for 4547809.

it says:
"Patch sets are cumulative. Patch set release includes all fixes in patch sets and earlier as well as new fixes for patch set This means that unless the patch set documentation indicates otherwise, you can apply this patch set to any earlier release 9.2 installation. You do not have to install intermediate patch sets."

My problem was not being aware of this cumulative attribute of patches. I thougth it can only be applied on

Also I saw that this patch was last updated on       25-AUG-2006.
So it should be just what I need.

This "Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2006" should  be installed after the 4547809 patch, shouldn't it?


Yup. you can apply on any previous version.

And yes, apply the July Critical Update after you apply patchset to the binaries/database.
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Good techji,
seems we're done.

Will approve the answer when finished with patching. (06.09.13., Wednesday, have many other issues).

Thanks again.

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Hi Venabili,

I had other DBs to maintain and other more urgent projects to work on.
I still plan to apply this patch (which was recommended) when I'll have time for it in the near future.
Also I plan to accept the answer when I'm done with patching and everything is all right.

Thank you for your patience.

Any news here?
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Sorry for the delay,
(eventually an other colleague did this stuff)
the patch set was OK, thanks