FTP Server Question

Two questions - points may be split:

1) How much of a role would a processor play on a FTP server servicing local, national and world-wide clients?  I know we're only concerned about speeds up to the NIC card.  Factor in possible multiple users hitting the server at the same time.  The files are media oriented (audio) and can be quite large.  I'm trying to determine wherether or not I can save a few $$$ by purchasing a bottom end processor as long as the bus, controller and drives are fast...  (if that makes sense).

2) I recently had a consultant trash Micrsoft's built-in FTP engine on security concerns.  The machine will sit on the edge of the network (natted) but I have seen multiple brute force attacks (so far unsuccessful).  How worried should I be and are there any FTP server 3rd party solutions you might recommend?

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1) Negligable.  CPU would have very little impact.  Stay away from Celerons though.

2)  You should place it behind ISA and publish the server.  This will protect it from other potential problems.  If you can't afford it then lock down all the ports you do not need at the firewall.

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LTWadminAuthor Commented:
Netman -

Can you provide more info on placing an FTP server "behind ISA or publishing"?
Sure, I'll provide some links that might be better to read rather than repost someone else's work.


http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/Configure-ISA-2004-Network-Services-Segment-Perimeter-Firewall-Part1.html  (four parts to this tutorial - links to rest under picture of book).

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