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Converting an access databse to frontpage..

This is the situation..
I have developed a database that works ok..
Lots of importing and exporting, synchronization etc..
It works ok but putting it on a website and having people access the databse direct seems to me to be the best way forward.
So thats what I am about to do..
I have a friend who has 2003 server setup for his business and has Frontpage Extensions installed and Sharepoint Services installed and I have sucesfully published a website to his server and taht works fine.
I can query a database and get results - so far - ok but I want to take the forms I have arleady designed in Access and convert them for use on the website..
How do I do that?
I do an export and get a form that asks me a bunch of question?
What does this do?
Am I going about this the wrong way?
Am I opening up a can of worms?
Should i stop now?
Do i need to learn a load of ASP?
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