Converting an access databse to frontpage..

This is the situation..
I have developed a database that works ok..
Lots of importing and exporting, synchronization etc..
It works ok but putting it on a website and having people access the databse direct seems to me to be the best way forward.
So thats what I am about to do..
I have a friend who has 2003 server setup for his business and has Frontpage Extensions installed and Sharepoint Services installed and I have sucesfully published a website to his server and taht works fine.
I can query a database and get results - so far - ok but I want to take the forms I have arleady designed in Access and convert them for use on the website..
How do I do that?
I do an export and get a form that asks me a bunch of question?
What does this do?
Am I going about this the wrong way?
Am I opening up a can of worms?
Should i stop now?
Do i need to learn a load of ASP?
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short bad answer...FrontPage has webbots that can do this but I prefer (since I'm using IIS for my servers) to do it with ASP.

to get you started...

There's no tidy way to convert the Access forms to HTML forms since Access has lots of stuff about the forms (font size, colors, etc.) that are included in the form.  It's usually easier just to make new HTML forms.

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