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sql server ssis PROJECT CONNECTION MANAGER could not be created.

The project works good yesterday; but all of a sudden, the error comes. I just can not figure out what is the problem. Please help me. I am so frustrated with SQL Server 2005. it seems like the unknown errors can happen any time. Thanks so much, experts for any input you may have.

The error is like this:
The Connection Manager 'OLEDB ' is not properly installed on this computer. (Microsoft.DatatransformationSrevices.Design)

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Thanks for your input. But I am not sure if it is the problem you mentioned above. I tried two approaches:
1. First one is according to this post.

2. Second one is based on your link.

After both approaches, the error still exists. But after I restart the PC, the error is gone. I feel like it is the first way that solved the problem, but I am not sure. so points still goes to you. Thank you.