Flash – JSP. Advice on loading variables.

Hi All,

I need to retrieve data from an Oracle database and will do this with JSP. I will declare variables and assign their values from the retrieved data…

Now, I need to load these variables into a Flash Movie where some will be printed on the screen, such as ‘strName’, ‘strCompany’, strTel’… while others will be numeric values which will be filtered and used for calculations etc.

What is the best way to do this?. I was thinking XML, but then read somewhere that the values can be loaded directly from these JSP variables.

Please advise…

Kind regards

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ya, If its just a few values, you can pass it back to Flash using the JSP equivalent of ASP's response object. In Flash, use LoadVars to load the JSP page, and u can get back the response into another LoadVars object.

Check out the documentation on LoadVars.sendAndLoad() method for the implementation details.

if what you are sending back from JSP is a complex resultset, you might need to consider using XML. Or, if u would want to use native objects, and if there would be frequent data transfers, try out Flash remoting for Java ( or the Open Source Alternative for macromedia Flash remoting, 'OpenAMF' (http://osflash.org/openAmf))

~Arul Prasad

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