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Going to bulid applicaton, but can not implement it...

Hi experts,
I’m going to build small application (“project documentation management”) that has some small features:

- The user can connect to server to get documents in projects which he/she is employed.
           + Users maybe sit in LAN where Server in or connect to Server through internet.

- The application must authenticate and authorize users connected to Server like:
          + Normal users can only view and downoad document file (*.doc, *.pdf, *.xls, autocad file(*.dwg)), can’t upload file.

          + Serious users can view, download (then modifty file) and upload to replace the older version.

Anyone could point out which type application which I should build? Futher conpcepts and implement help me much. Thank!

I have never programming application running through Internet before! So I cannot distinguish between applicaton run base on IE or independent application like some FTP Softwares, which have cool similar features to my application(connect to server, view file, download...)

I got advice from friends that use VPNs and the Server will run Windows 2003 Server, but don't know right or wrong?

Very happy for any suggestion from you! Thank you!
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It sounds very much like you are reinventing the wheel.  Isn't this a source control application, where the "source" is the documentation.  With source control like PVCS or Source Safe, or even CVS you can set permissions levels.  Perhaps, I just don't have a clear understanding of what it is you are doing.

It really depends on what resources you have available and who your user base is going to be.  

To do something via the web you will need a web server, domain or some medium in place to allow users to get and set documents.

How are you going to use the program?
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sorry, i can't express clearly because i'm in a jumble too.

The system working like manage students' essays:

Now thinking that I’m a stuent and I have to write essays. End of semester (deadline), I have to submit my essays. To make essay richer, I made it not not plain text only (*.doc), but also have lots of files come with (photoshop file, autocad file, matlab file, excel file….).

My teacher is master in IT. He has a computer (Windows). He gave me a limited account, so I’m in my home, connect to his computer and put my essays to remote my folder (in his computer). I have 3 days (deadline + 3) for correcting my essay (view, download --> edit --> upload --> replace old version). After 3 days, I only can connect to my remote folder to view my essay and my mark.

Qusestion is: I like to bulid my application similar to my teacher. But don’t know using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) is okie? If okie in using VPNs, how to implement it (develop my own VPN or using VPN has been built like OpenVPN, or confirgue Windows) ?

I like to build it in web-based, so I can view my remote folder by web (IE, Firefox...), can't I? OR it must like some FTP applicaton?
Thank in advance,

well,since u said u want to be web-based, u dont need anything related to VPN

u can just simply install  (for example), easyphp
it will install Apache+MySql+PHP

with that,u will be able to create ur own web page,ur own databse,and then u can do almost anything u want remotely

and u will find thousands of articles related to programming or designing web pages with php

i hope i'm in the right track. and really understood ur question.
Along the same lines look at content management systems, or if you decide to implement it in pieces by your self, a file upload example will show you how to allow people to upload files.

There is a conflict here in the requirements.  RAClark is talking as if this is a web application, but he also said the connection is via VPN directly to the teacher's computer, so that would not be web based unless the teacher is going to be hosting the web server on that machine.  This is certainly an option, but if your host is someone else, then connecting to his computer via a web application driven from your end is going to be exceedingly difficult to pull off.
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