Anti-SPAM solution for Exchange

Anyone have a good enterprise-level anti-SPAM solution to use with Exchange? The oly one I know about off the top of my head is Postini, but that's a hosted service as far as I know. Thanks.
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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
I use IronPort C60 which does a great job on spam. I would like the settings to be higher and then users determine the final dispo of some messages, but alas, the wishes of the client reigns supreme!
Postini and Symantec both have a hosted AV/AS solution.

I am just beginning to use Symantec's on a project now, so no review yet on that.

If hosted doesn't work, for AV, I trust Trend Micro's Exchange product.

Unfortunately, their Anti-Spam component (eManager) leaves something to be desired.

Symantec's boxed products in my opinion (Exchange specific ones) have web-only GUI's which sometimes don't work as expected, and I would prefer a solid GUI anyday.

I havent really found a packaged (non-hosted) product I like a lot yet.
What do you call Enterprise? What sort of message flow?
If it is very high, then you could be looking at an appliance. Many I know rave about Barracudas.

Thing is, I find that different sites work better with different products. I have had sites that work really well with IMF, others where it is useless. Then another site works well with GFI ME, but another sites finds it isn't as effective.


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What's your budget and what's your email traffic?

Over $5,000 - look at a hardware appliance as Sembee suggested.  The beauty of hardware appliances is that the spam sits on its hard drives and will not overload your Exchange but is still highly configurable and since it sits on your racks, you are in total control of it.

Under $5,000 - many software solutions available.  The ones mentioned above have good industry reputations.  I've been using Sunbelt's Messaging Ninja for several years.  Very fair pricing and it enables multiple levels of filtering with groups and allows the end users to decide what is spam, safe lists, black lists, etc.  They also have a antivirus component.

Do you have confidentiality concerns?  Our firm does and we elected not to go with a hosted service.   We just wanted as few hands as possible touching our emails.

I've seen Postini in action and they are a good hosted solution.  Just be sure the hosted provider has iron clad confidentiality agreements as well as backup of their data which in turn is your data they are backing up.

You've got quite a few products to choose from and I'm sure others will agree, but sometimes it may take several tries before one finds the right solution for their environment.
If you are looking at freeware then i would suggest Orfilter. This is Freeware works with Exchange.

Install Orfilter at the gateway server once it filters --. forward the mail via IMF.
Both are free and you can save lots of money.
incase you are willing to spend you can check surfcontrol or Trendmicro Spam control solution. Both of them are really good.
You can download orfilter from the following location
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
i would syggest AntiGen
it is very very good product and supported by microsoft
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