Just installed new HD. Have been installing chipset drivers. Have two left with yellow exclamation point

under "Other Devices" in device manager:

Multimedia audio controller
PCI Input device

My mobo came with onboard audio but I have an upgraded audio card.  I have installed the driver for the audio card but not the onboard audio.  Could that be one.  Also, the driver I have installed for my GPU apparently is for two in SLI.  I have another card I can install if you think could be the other.  If not please let me know what they are, if I need them where to find them if I do and how to get rid of the yellow ! if I don't.
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If you have onboard audio that you don't need to use, just disable it in the BIOS.  PCI input doesn't sound like a video card - what PCI cards do you have installed?  Is the PCI audio working properly?
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You do not need to install both video cards.   Why do you think the driver is for two?   It almost certainly SUPPORTS two, but certainly doesn't REQUIRE two.

PCI Input Device =>  Does your add-in audio card have additional inputs (MIDI, firewire, etc.) ??   You may not have installed all of the drivers for that card.   It could also be an onboard device that you haven't installed the drivers for.

Multimedia Audio Controller =>  This is probably the onboard audio, as Callandor noted.   If you disable it in the BIOS that should "go away."

Are those two items the only "yellow" in Device Manager ??

Leaving in 15 minutes and not back until about 11pm Central time ... hopefully you'll have no "yellow" by then; but I'll check back :-)

abpowellAuthor Commented:
>>>>>>You do not need to install both video cards.   Why do you think the driver is for two?   It almost certainly SUPPORTS two, but certainly doesn't REQUIRE two.>>>>>Everytime I boot up the nvidia icon in the startup icons on the lower left pops up a message that SLI has been disconnected and to click there for info.  I tried several times to figure out how to make that go away when I was still using the caviar and thought it would just go away when I did the clean install.  It didn't and that is what makes me think is made for an SLI configuration.  I may plug in my second card just for grins to see if anythng happens in device manager.

Those are the only two items.  I have expanded everything and that is all that is left.

Well there is one other thing....I have a red X on top of 1394 Net Adapter #2 (1394 Net Adapter, with no number, is fine).  I think I may have created #2 trying to get my internet back up and running.  Can I just delete that or do I need that?
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abpowellAuthor Commented:
Oh and PCI audio seems to be working fine.  I don't know what else other than the second card and on board audio could be causing it.  I still full install in the audio card so I didn't miss any drivers there.  I got everything from the mobo disc except the on board audio.  I'm going to go to BIOS now.  Not really sure where to find the on board audio.  I'll look and if I can't find it I'll be back.

Cal or Willcomp are yo guys around tonight?
abpowellAuthor Commented:
And one more note.  Only PCI cards installed are the GPU and the audio card.

Now there is a cable that came with the audio card that I can't figure out where it goes.  I don't see anything on the mobo it attaches to.  It looks similar to the plugs that connect the disk drives to the mobo only smaller.  Has 15 female pin holes.  It has it's own "slot plate" (not sure the term is but just like each card slides in and had a plate in the back for all the connections, like where my monitor attaches directly to my gpu) well this this has only one connection on the back same number of holes but looks more like a monitor connector as well (at least the shape does).  Right now it is just filling an empty slot.  Not connected to anything.  Wanted to install it all (for future plans) but I don't know where to connect the thing.  
abpowellAuthor Commented:
One more comment.  I am going increase the points here.  Just kept them low so I could find the guys who know me and my system.  Don't let the 50 points scare you off.  I doubt it would.  I don't think you guys do for the points.  I think you do to have stories to tell about idiots that get in WAY over their head.  :)  I think I'm over the hump with the hardest stuff now.  I just need to make sure I don't repeat the mistakes I made before.  I know my system will be a lot cleaner this time around.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Alright Gary it's 11:25.  Disabling onboard audio did not make the yellow ! go away.  Going to install second GPU :)

Be right back.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I'm back ... was just getting ready to post a note; but I'll wait until you install the other GPU.   I doubt that's the issue => and if you don't plan to run with both GPU's I wouldn't do it;  but it won't hurt to try.   I'll reply again after your NEXT post ...
abpowellAuthor Commented:
It's in there for now.  May leave it for a while just to check temps and performance.  (I'll run a benchmark and then take it out but I've got other things to worry about right now).  But while we are on the subject of temps.  Is there a program that will run in the background to monitor CPU, hard drives and GPU temps (and any others you suggest like the NB).  I've used everest home but it just takes a snapshot.  I've also used speedfan and that is is basically what I am looking for but it only captures HD temps (at least the version I had did).  But it kept the temp real time.  A big bonus would be to set alarm thresholds if temps reach a certain level.  I'm not nearly as concerned as I was before with the new case, heat sinks and most of all moving it out of the cabinet.  

And you are correct. the yellow !s did not go away.  Router possibly?  I have not run the install disk for my router or my webcam (my newest toy so I can see the kids when I travel but I don't have it figured out yet.  Like I said, I've got other things to worry about.

Here is what I would like to accomplish tonight.  Get rid of the yellow!, partition the rest of my drive and install quicken so I can get to the checkbook.  And while you are reading this I'm going back to the old thread to see if I left something out before I move ahead.  Oh and I'm going to start the image before I go to bed.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
I think I got it.  Let me know if I missed something.

I can do this partition within windows from Adminstration Tools right?

BTW....my second (the RMA) raptor has yet to be delivered.  I think you had some thoughts on that.  Maybe you could share the basics before I start installing a bunch of other applications.  I was thinking using that for my video editing and photo storage only.  

Old Caviar for Archiving Video's.  They are huge. Up to 7 GB and I'm not talking about feature films.  That was biggest and it was probably 15 minutes.  Of course most will go to disc but some are priceless and just want another backup source (like my twins first birthday).
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
A couple of random thoughts:

->  Delete the 2nd IEEE-1394 port from Device Manager (the red X) and see if it stays that way.   This may be an onboard port that's not connected => in which case you can delete or disable it.

->  the extra backplate that came with the sound card is probably a joystick/MIDI connector.   Unlikely that you need it;  but you could just install it if you want;  the wire should connect to a set of connections on the sound card (look closer !! => or look at the manual !!).

->  Is the "Multimedia audio controller" still yellow?   Do you have sound on the PC?  (Windows welcome;  shut down; etc.)

->  Is the PCI Input Device still yellow ?   If so, right click on it and select Update Driver;  then let Windows search for a driver and see if it installs one.

->  Is the PC working fine now except for the nuisance of the "yellows" ??

->  I'm sure it's buried in another post somewhere; but what sound card do you have installed ??
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Another question:  Why do you have an extra sound card installed?   That board has a fairly good onboard sound subsystem => have you tried it ??

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abpowellAuthor Commented:
->  Delete the 2nd IEEE-1394 port from Device Manager (the red X) and see if it stays that way.   This may be an onboard port that's not connected => in which case you can delete or disable it.>> Done....for now anyway.  I'll check again after reboot

->  the extra backplate that came with the sound card is probably a joystick/MIDI connector.   Unlikely that you need it;  but you could just install it if you want;  the wire should connect to a set of connections on the sound card (look closer !! => or look at the manual !!).  Manual?? what's that.  Just kidding.  That is what the symbol is that I couldn't figure out.  It also has a music note symbol on it.  I'll probably install it.  With 5 kids (and me still a kid's mentality) we may just get a joystick or steering wheel or something else to annoy mom.  I swear I looked all over that card but I'll look again.  You are usually.....well maybe always right.

->  Is the "Multimedia audio controller" still yellow?   Do you have sound on the PC?  (Windows welcome;  shut down; etc.)>>>>Both still yellow.....I wonder if it is because I downloaded the driver for the card instead of using the disc.  The driver from the disc never worked right.  I'M THINKING I SHOULD RUN THE DISK THAT CAME WITH GPU.  Sorry for the all caps.  Just really want to know what you think on that one.  Sound works great.

Is the PCI Input Device still yellow ?   If so, right click on it and select Update Driver;  then let Windows search for a driver and see if it installs one.>>>Still yellow....will wait on disk question before resorting to windows search.

 Is the PC working fine now except for the nuisance of the "yellows" ??  Works great.  Really fast right now.  (one of the main reasons I'm thinking about putting that video software on the second raptor, that will work won't it?)  However, after I installed the drivers for the sound card the windows boot screen stays up a lot longer.

  I'm sure it's buried in another post somewhere; but what sound card do you have installed ??>> Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS SB0350 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card    or here for more detail http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16829102178
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Even though it is getting late I also want get my UPS going.  I charged it last night PER THE DIRECTIONS IN THE MANUAL (thank you very much).  And will install it tonight hopefully.

And to make sure I"m clear on this.  All programs still get loaded on the C: drive partition where my OS is.  Only "My Documents" gets moved.  I just want to make sure.  I've never heard you mention moving the "programs" file.  
abpowellAuthor Commented:
I know I am throwing a lot at you hear but I would also I like to get the router going to so when I have to power down my desktop, I can stay online here.

I also just found another "thing" I can put in one of the two empty slots I have in the back.  It looks like a way to connect an internal HD externally.  It has two sata connections and a molex connection.  I'm wondering if that might be useful at any point?   I was thinking I might make one more image of the cavaiar on to my old Seagate and just the seagate out.  If I don't discover anything I need after a year I'll wipe it and use it for something else.  I can't think of anything and I don't want to reinstall it.  I looked it over for anything I might want (and I still have the image) but if by chance remembers a bunch of pictures on there (fair possibility) I would just hook up from the rear.  That year might get cut down if I do something with the speaker a monitor situation.  I know I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'm just writing while I wait on your response.  Plus this will give you something read while you are waiting on mine.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Another question:  Why do you have an extra sound card installed?   That board has a fairly good onboard sound subsystem => have you tried it ??>>>> Couple of reasons.  One not enough ports.  I've used splitters but I want more control over which speakers are used when  (my wife hates the subwoofer so I leave it off unless I'm playing music or a game.  I guess I included the second reason there too.  The software to control it.  PLEASE don't tell me I could have done all that will the onboard sound.  It's too late now.  But I would remove some "clutter" and help temps if I remove it.  Also, I read some articles that did say it was good or more accurately adequate.  I was looking to make it better or the best.  I've already dropped enough coin into this system, figured why not.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Did you give up on me?  PLEASE DON"T....I may be talking ahead of myself but I'm not doing anything intentially on my system to get ahead of myself.  I'm still waiting on the GPU disk question.  Are you still there?
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Oh and the reason the please don't is in bold is because I am now booting in safe mode.  Windows starts to boot (about 1.25 passes of the blue dots, I guess I agitated the dots) and then blank screen.  I waited a while but the system didn't do anything so I reset  it.  

I powered off to look at the audio card.  Sure enough there it was.  I was looking on the side for the connection.  This think has all kinds of connections.  Anyway, I plugged it into the card.  Started back up and that is where I got the problem.  I'm going to run the audio disk again.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
While that is running......I'll let you know, the Red X did not come back.  Thanks for that.

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Sorry for the delayed response -> I fell asleep in my recliner while watching a movie :-)
Now I'm going to bed for real ... but on the off chance you're still up I'll reply to a few of your notes (the ones I can do quickly).

-> Glad the Red X is gone :-)

-> The Audigy II card you have is definitely better than the onboard sound; although that board does have one of the better on-board sound chips (an Audigy; but not an Audigy II).

->  The UPS is very simply to install;  I presume that went okay ??

->  Definitely haven't "given up" on you => but we've got a pretty hectic schedule sometimes [wife doesn't think helping folks online is a good excuse to not do things she plans :-) ]    I'll help whenever I can.

->  Your motherboard does not have any external SATA ports (although it has a lot of USB ports).   Not sure what you're referring to; but I doubt you have any external disk connections.

->  Yes, all programs get loaded on the C: drive.   You just move "My Documents" to the data drive; and configure any programs that don't use "My Documents" for their default data storage to also use the data drive.   And using your 2nd Raptor to store video you're editing is an excellent idea.

-> For monitoring temps have you looked at Motherboard Monitor?  I always use the Intel monitors on my systems; but they are only for Intel motherboards.   For hard disk temps you can use HDD Thermometer.   Both MM and HDD allow you to set alarms.

-> "two SATA connectors and a molex connector" =>  just had another thought about that;  it's probably a power cable to allow you to connect power to SATA drives if your power supply doesn't have SATA power connectors.   Are the SATA connectors the same size as the SATA power connections?

Enough for now.   More when you reply  (but if it's more than 5 minutes I'll be in slumberland and you'll have to wait until tomorrow -- or I should say later today).

abpowellAuthor Commented:
Okay net adapter #2  is back but no red X

Mulitmedia Audio controller shows location: PCI Slot 1 (PCI bus 4, device 8, function 0)

PCI input device shows location:  PCI Slot 1 (PCI bus 4, device 8, function 1)

Any idea what these are?  I reinstalled drivers from the disks that came with both my GPU and Audio cards.    Those are the only cards that have EVER been in those slots.

I'm clueless
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Everything is running fine.  I'm going to go ahead with the image.  I can make another later.  I'm going to bed too.  I'm in trouble as well.  After she made the comment - "I wish you spend as much time working on our finances as you do on that @!$#%@#$%@ computer"  Can't win.  Oh well, I love her anyway.  
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Anybody home.  Kids got me up at 5:30 this morning.  That amounted to about 1.5 hrs sleep.  Man I love Red Bull.  Already been fishing with the kids and then took them to breakfast.  Just thought I would check in before the Auburn Tigers start to whoop up on Mississippi State
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Had to make a Home Depot run this morning, and have a rebuild-the-closet project this afternoon (before we go out tonight) -> but I'll check in periodically (and will be back on late tonight => ~ 10:30 or 11).

Post the complete list of what you see in Device Manager (screen captures would be good) when you expand:  (a)  Sound, video and game controllers;  (b)  IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers; and (c) anything that has any remaining yellow.   In addition, post a capture of the Device Manager display with none of the subcategories expanded (just want to see what other categories you have).

I think both of your yellow's are related to the Audigy II card; but want to see the Device Manager display before commenting further on them.

abpowellAuthor Commented:
I know they are at least that is what the location tells me.  PCI1 is the slot where it is located.  I'll try a screen shot in minute.  I've got 6 kids (2 not mine) and the oldest is 4.  Mama and the older kid are out right now.  Can you say CHAOS.  This is giving me an idea for a game to end all games.  Nobody could win!
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Okay I'm an idiot.  I don't get the instructions from EE-Stuff.  I've uploaded but now can find nor send a link to screen shots.  

Is anybody around?
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Got the drivers and the yellow !!s fixed  
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Cal  ".  PCI input doesn't sound like a video card" ....... don't know for sure but the yellow marks went away when I installed the latest drivers.  Why in the world would they send a disk with drivers that don't work?  Who knows?  

Anyway....I think I'm "cooking with grease" now as my grandmother used to say.  Partions and drivers all done.  Just have sit here and feed disks into my beast to reinstall all my applications now.  I"m sure I'll have more questions as I start tinkering with more things........Like HT system..
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Nevermind Cal.....I installed the audio not the GPU drivers......what am I thinking trying get a dig on you guys?!? :)  
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Back home ... but I see you're done :-)

I presume you made a baseline image before starting with all the applications :-)  Yes ???
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You still up?   ... how about an update (and the answer to my last question) :-)
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Guess you weren't up :-)

Next time you reply:

->  Did you install CPU and hard drive temp monitors?
->  Did you do a baseline image?
->  Is your UPS installed with the monitoring software?
->  Have you made checkpoint images as you've finished every few hours work?   Remember ... the goal is to have an image of a totally clean system with everything loaded, all updates, etc.   Once you have that, any future restore will only take a few minutes => and will have all of your programs already loaded; all updates done (through the date of the image); etc.   When you're SURE you've got a good final image, it's reasonable to discard all of the others [although I always keep the "baseline" image so I can get back to a cleanly loaded XP, all updates, all drivers (no "yellow"), antivirus, etc.].
->  Have you reconnected your other drive?   If so, what are you using it for?  (Good place for your most current Image)

abpowellAuthor Commented:
No temp monitors yet.  Haven't had much time to work things this weekend

Baseline Image Done but before the Audigy driver.  Will do another image tonight.

UPS not installed....again time

No checkpoint image or sytem restore point done.  

So by first "Baseline Image" should include all my applications?  I was going to make one just with operation systems and a few applications I needed like adobe to make the screen shot.  Then install all the other programs, that could be uninstalled later like games etc.  

Don't have new drive in possession yet.  Had shipping problems but Newegg has it now and they extended the 14 day RMA window for me.  I will probably get it in the next week or so.  I was thinking my images would be better kept on my external (by the way I swapped my home and work externals).  No more Iomega.  WD something book.  400 GB at 7,200 RPM.  Only USB 2 though.  No firewire.  Didn't seem like it was worth the extra $$ to me.  Just for archive and image storage.  I like the external because I think it is easier to restore the images if I got a totally new system.  What are your thoughts.

I really just want to use the second Raptor for the Video Editing Software only.  I wonder if there is way to install the other RAM Chips but only have them activate when I"m using the second HD.  Just let me know if that is possible....I need to start new thread
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I would make a baseline image fairly early => definitely before all the apps.   The you can make others as you go along => basically it's up to you; but the idea is if you "mess up" it's nice to not have to do everything over;  so as you finish a reasonable amount of work, take a break and do another image.   Just be sure you document what's in each image !!   At the end, you'll probably want to just keep two images:  (1)  the "baseline" => in case you ever want to backup to that level and reinstall your applications (not real likely);  and (2)  the "final clean system load" that has all your applications installed, is absolutely virus-and-spyware free, has all of the data stored on a non-system partition, and works "perfectly" => this is what you would almost certainly restore to if you ever had any system corruption.

No, you can't "selectively activate" RAM chips :-)   But I think you'll find 2GB is plenty for what you're doing;  especially when your video buffer disk is a Raptor.

You should at least plug the system into the UPS => it will then be protected from power glitches.   Installing the UPS software just adds the ability to monitor the UPS, and to let the system be smart enough to shut down if the UPS battery is getting low.
When making images, I suggest you perform a verify on them.  I recently deiscovered that a few images I created were corrupted and couldn't be used.  Fortunately, GetDataBack was able to read from the re-partitioned hard drive and save the directories of interest.
abpowellAuthor Commented:
Almost had everything done to make my next image (by the way Cal, I do verify byte by byte, I just start it and go to bed so I don't worry about the time).  Last thing to do was install router driver.  I used the setup disk and now no internet.  It worked just fine before.  I've started a new thread here.  

abpowellAuthor Commented:
I should have known Granny's "cooking with grease" comment would come back to haunt me.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
In this case the issue is simple and you won't need to revert to an image;  but that's why I suggest doing a "checkpoint" image after every few hours of work when rebuilding a system.

... but willcomp's got your other question well-in-hand, so I'll just "observe" :-)

Do, however, create an image after you've got the DSL connection working well ...

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