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Currently we have people tools version 8.45 , patch 8.45.12 and CRM 8.9 system. We are planning to upgrade system. can somebody suggest or guide for upgrade version. Oracle has introduced 9.0 version we are way behind dont want to take risk  upgrading to 9.00 . can somebody please guide or suggest what's benefits of upgrading system.
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I quote other experts
"PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM 9 offers improved processes for call centers in telco, such as wireless number portability, prepaid account, or lost or stolen phone processes. New financial services enhancements include sample processes for financial account creation, lead referral management, and Web services for remote portlets.

CRM 9 has improved the user experience with user-defined macros, fewer clicks through processes, and enhanced views of customer information.

The release also features integration with Oracle's Fusion Middleware and PeopleSoft's PeopleTools, with 19 new Web services, integration with Oracle XML Publisher, and the ability to leverage Oracle's BPEL Process Manager to deploy applications across heterogeneous systems and Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Application Server 10g certification. "

IMHO The latest version will become  absolutely required especially if you want to retain support for Peoplesoft. Oracle will be giving guidance in the migration work
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What are you looking to upgrade, Oracle DB, Tools or the Application? The title of the thread is asking about PeopleTools, but you mention version 9, and this could reflect a question of Oracle 9i or CRM 9.0.

I don't think 9.0 adds a lot of extra features over 8.9, and they should continue support for 8.9 for some time. Also, an Application upgrade will take a lot of time and resources. Ours, from 8.4 to 8.9, took a team of 12 over a year, but then again we are very customized.

Tools is currently at 8.48, although I would avoid it until they get another patch or two released for it. 8.47 should be fine for now. We are at 8.46 and have only minor issues that you should not have if you are on Oracle DB.

Let us know!
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Thank you for answering my query.

Can you refer any articles where there is detail explantation of CRM 8.9 and 9.0 features.

People tools we are way behind ...can we upgrade people tools version from 8.45 directly to 8.48 or 8.47 . We used SQL as database.

What you suggest.?

I'm doing research on upgrading people tools if you can suggest any documentation that would be great. We are not hiring consultant to do any of part we were planning to upgrade system ourself where we can save some consultatnt money.  can you give some idea on saving money too ?

thank you

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