problem running a program

I have one more software named Symposium Express Call Center(Client). When im double clicking on it to run the program it shows a message which says "Please wait while windows configures Symposium Express Call Center(Client)". With this message it tries to install somthing. I have to click on cancel button 3 times in order to get rid off this message and to strat symposium work properly. When i click cancel button 3rd time it will start th esoftware properly. Is there any way to get rid off this message window. Please and thank you

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Shaukat Waqar
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I would let it finish it's configuration. Until then , I dont think you can close it easily, because it needs to be done.
Now, unless you haev already done that....You probably need to make the user a local admin for a few minutes, and log back in, let eht installer do it's thing, remove the admin rights and log back out/in. Then it should be gone for good....
shwaqar82Author Commented:
can you please make it more clear what to do exactly. coz the way you describe its really very confusing for me....

Pleaseeeee :)

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Ok...Lets start by seeing what happens if you just let it finish, and reboot...Does it come back?
shwaqar82Author Commented:
its not finishing it properly. During installation another message window appear which says "Error:1706. No valid source could be found for product Symposium Express Call Center(Client). The windows installer cannot continue" And then i have to press ok button and it will reverse all the insallation it did.  

You've probably already found this but if not it may help you assist shwaqar82 in resolving the problem...

shwaqar82Author Commented:
yae im currently reading this article i already found it. thanks though

OK...You kinda forgot to mention the part about the error at first...   :)

Looks like you just need to put he install CD from Symposium Express Call Center(Client) back in the CD Rom, or point it to a network drive or path where it is at....
shwaqar82Author Commented:
can you illustrate more about "point to a network drive or path where it is at"
Was the program installed via the CD? or was it run from a mapped drive, like Z or something? Or was it installed from a network path like \\server\share?

Lets get how it was installed, and go from there....
shwaqar82Author Commented:
i dont know ...coz my manager installed that program and he is not in the office right now. but it seems like it was installed from network. Im not confirmed though. Tell me how to map it to network drive or CD.........?
We need to find out where the application was installed from, to correct this. Once you can determine the path that it was installed from, then we can approach getting the software configured properly.
shwaqar82Author Commented:
okie i just came back from work ...and its friday evening ...i need to talk to my manager about that..and it will be done by monday as we are off on saturdays and please keep in touch with me on monday and have a nice weekend :)
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It could have to do something with a bad uninstallation of a program. Try this:
shwaqar82Author Commented:
I talked to my manager and he said dont worry about it coz its in all computer i installed that program. Im still curious to solve this problem but i cant do anything without my manager's permission. He said i installed it from CD and dont worry  about the problem. So, thanks alot anyways. I give all points to john coz he help me from start...
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