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web forwarding and Google search engine

I have a web site on "web host A".  I was asked to build another website, with a new domain name, but have it hosted on "web host A".  Network solutions offered a faeture called "web forwarding", which would allow me to have 2 domain names on 1 web host.  Google was pikcing up both domain names ok.  

After 6 weeks, other technical issues forced me to move one of the domain names to a new web host, "web host B".  Since I have moved the domain name to "web host B", Google hasn't updated the domain info.  It's like google didn't recognize that I had moved.  I use to be in the top 30 for specific keyowords, and now I've sunk many pages.  The odd thing is that when I do find my site listed, it lists my old address (something like "").

Why can't I get Google to recognize my new site?   I do quite well on altavista, yahoo, and msn.

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Actually if you have 2 domains name and on 2 different hosts then it would be much better for your ranking than having 2 domains linking to each other on same host.

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It's not helping; we're not on Google at all.  
Thanks humeniuk, I'll giev it a try.  Domain name 2 still has a directory on the old web space.  I will remove all instances of it.
Actually, would changing the name of the directory on the old web host ?  I'm wary of completely deleting things unless I am 100% sure I can get rid of them.
"It's not helping; we're not on Google at all."
Once you have set things up as they should be, it will take some time.  You will have to be patient until Google updates their index.

"I will remove all instances of it ... Actually, would changing the name of the directory on the old web host ?"
You are better off getting rid of it altogether.  Assuming this is a duplicate content problem (which seems to be a good bet), nothing will change as long as Google is finding the pages in both places, whether they find it under the old directory or under a new one.
You never mentioned that both the domains have same content.

Can you PM me your domain names.

I've actually deleted the duplicate directory.  Hopefully that will do the trick.
The other element is your backlinks.  You want to make sure that your incoming links are pointed at rather than their previous location under domain 1.  Incoming links are the most important factor in determining you ranking in the SERPs.  If doesn't have many backlinks, you should begin a link building campaign.
Deleting the directory and files on the old web host did the trick!  Now our Google info comes up is as it should.

Thanks to all that participated here, it's much appreciated.
Glad to hear you're moving in the right direction and thanks for the A.

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