Asus K8V-MX wont accept 2x512mb Ram

I have a brand new asus k8v-mx motherboard, s754, AMD64 3000, WD Sata, Antec PSU.  This is a brand new build.  I have updated the bios, and tried 2 different brand new k8v-ms boards.  

There are two ram slots, when I try to use 2 pieces of ram (kingston 512mb PC3200, brand new) the system will freeze in the bios.  When I use one stick it will boot fine,  I can use one stick in either slot and it still boots fine..but when i add a second 512 ram it freezes..

Any Ideas?
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Have you tried another pair? . . sounds like a memory fault

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Trevor007Author Commented:
Another pair did the trick, does this mean one of these sticks are faulty?
or that the timing is different enough that it throws the processor off . . did both work when used alone?
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Trevor007Author Commented:
yes both worked when alone
must be a timing difference that was out of the tolerance range
Trevor007Author Commented:
so i can still use the ram in other computers? or different motherboards?  I shouldnt send them back?
I would send them back . . do you have another system to check them in?
Trevor007Author Commented:
yes i do, should i use memtest+ 1.65?
you could try . . but remember, a good test does not always mean the memory is good . . a bad test does mean the memory is bad
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