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Web search specialist ? (not SEO)


A few years ago I found out that some people are paid to perform advanced searches on the web... I think I saw that on google groups or similar, but I'm really not sure!

Today, for my business, I need one of these professionnals in web search/research but can't find them (if there are still some!)

Do you know such websites/companies that offer these services?

Note: I'm not looking for someone who can actually search for some terms in google as I can do it, but someone who'll perform an *really* advanced search (and it's his job) ;-)
Note2: This topic is not related to SEO !
Note3: I'm a web consultant so don't point me on websites like that:

Thanks for your help
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Take a look at this article -
Appreciate if you could update us as to what type of research the candidate will need to do. Most of us at EE tend to do research a lot, but mainly on our special areas. Why not stir up the pot by posting as many classified ads as you can on the internet, giving criteria and requesting track records of possible candidates? I came across many such ads these few weeks....May work for you too.
Most experts on EE will have good searching skills.. :)