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To span 70 meters between router and client?

Is there any way to span a wireless distance of 70 meters’?
Its from a building (work) that has wireless to a house that cannot get broadband (dont want satellite)

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This should be no problem. Get a high-gain antenna, and you can get quite good range.

You could also you repeater access points. If your access point isn't by a window, install another one by the window. Have the first access point relay to the one by the window, then across to the other building's wireless device, or access pont.
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Cheers for that > I think the Pringles can idea is cool, but its for a conservative client and dunno what he would think!

I will search for high gain antennas > any brand particularly good?

These guys are quite reasonable

You'll also have to make sure that the client's wifi adapter has an external antenna connector, and you might need a length of cable long enough to go from PC to window that can point to the work building AP..

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How does that hook up to a router?  The connectors dont look like rj45.  Is there an rj45 to > antenna cable end connector adapter?
You should look at antennas offered by the manufacturer of your router.
You need to find a wireless adapter that supports an external antenna. You never mentioned if this is a deskop PC or laptop.
Some PCMCIA wireless cards support external antennas, most do not.
Most PCI adapters for desktops do support external antennas.

Detach the little one and attach the yagi. You may need an extension cable with the proper two ends to connect between the NIC and the antenna..

If it's a laptop, something like this kit may be all you need, although I'm not sure the patch antenna will be as good as a yaggi...