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Strip tags - except bold, italics, underline, links, and images

I want to take out the HTML that is inputted into a form...
unless it is a simple HTML tag like: <b><i><u><img><a href...

The form submits the info to the database.
Then it will be retrieved again for editting in forms...
And also be displayed on a webpage.

I was looking at all the infor at
but it's a little overwhelming.

The closest one I found was the comment dated October 15 2003.

But I couldn't tell if it was what I really needed.

Could someone give me as simple of a script that I could input that would do the job?
A function would be ok too. Maybe better...

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I wanted to add something.

I know that some stripped of tags can cut some of the whitespace as well.

This needs to be noted. And resolved.
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Oh, you only have to enter the opening tags as the second parameter. It will take care of the closing tags (</b>, </i>, etc) on its own... And use the actual tag, none of the attributes. So, <a> instead of <a href> since href is an attribute of a.