Blue Screen of Death after installing a new mobo

I just installed a new motherboard (Pc Chips M848A) in my son's tower. After posting I get the blue screen of death an its says I need to run chkdsk /f. I might have a virus in the boot record. Without the hard drive connected, I still can only get into the BIOS if i clear them, then after going into them, the computer won't POST or I can't get back into the BIOS unless I clear them again. I'm trying to see if I can at least boot rom a cd. Any help would be appreciated.

                         Thank you
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Could be a number of things.

What changes are you making in the bios?
Are you sure the mobo supports the cpu and ram you are using?

Try this
test to see if the mobo is shorting out on the case:

Take the mobo out of the case and put it on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Hook up CPU, VIDEOCARD, RAM, and POWERSUPPLY. See if it boots.

note: some power supplies might need a HD plugged in to draw enough amps to start up ( data cable not need )

Also check:
the manual and see if there is a security jumper for case open and case closed.

Did the old mobo die? Are you reuseing the old cpu and ram?
you cannot change like that the hardware in XP; if you still use the old disk with XP on it, it carries all the old drivers - this will work only if the hardware is nearly the same (video card, etc. . )
If possible, i suggest a fresh install of XP.
If you want to try it, here is how you can do it :      move XP to other mobo;nl;314070                       "     "     "    "      "   
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
I will start with taking the mobo out and try booting it. I did hear about driver conflicts in XP with different hardware, so I did format and intend on a fresh install. But for now my main concern is to get the mobo to boot and POST. Then I want to get into the BIOS and have it boot from the cd-rom so I can load WIndows. I will get back later today with the results.

                 Thank You.

BTW, I've never heard of this mobo (Pc Chips M848A) before. Does anyone know of any issues with this one? As far as the old mobo (ABIT KD-7 Raid), all of the sudden it just stopped working and was very irratic as far aas how it would post. It would stop at different points and very rarely finish and actually load Windows. I brought it to a friend who works for IT and he thought it was the mobo( hence the new one ). So I bought a cheap one. Some say it's a good board for the price, so I thought I'd try it.

Enough for now, I'll post again later.
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Can you post the exact BSOD error and the hex code that is given.
Are you using the  ram from the original motherboard
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
Yes I am using the original. I've also used the ram out of my own computer. The error code was 0x0000007b. I'm not sure of the hex codes right now. It said I might have a virus on the boot record I believe. That's why I took the hard drive out, put itt on my computer as masterr on the second IDE cable, scanned it with my anti-virus (no viruses), copied all info that I wanted to save to one of my hard drives, then formatted the drive. I want to get this new mobo to boot, go into the BIOS and have it boot to cd-rom so I can load a fresh install of XP Home.
0x0000007b is the  code I was looking for. This MS article seems to be accurate as far as changing the motherboard.
When you restarted the computer after changing the motheboard, I assume you didn't do a reinstall of XP. This is needed as the chipset on the old board and the chipset on the new board are completely different.
 Can you boot from the XP install cd? Or better yet a Knoppix live cd. This will load knoppix straight from a cd without a hard drive present, you need to set the cd as the first boot device in the bios. This will tell us if the motherboard is having a problem.

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You may also want to clear the CMOS by using the jumper next to the battery. It is JP1 next to the coin haped battery.
 Unplug the power from the motherboard and move the jumper from the normal position (pins 1-2) to the clear position (pins 2-3) then back to the normal position (pins 1-2) the position of these pins are shown on page 10 of the manual for this motherboard found here
for clarification ,pin 3 is closest to the battery.
so you can connect the disk on another pc and access it. good.
if you want to clear the drive, i suggest you use DBAN, or anyt of the manufacturers utilities to run a zero out on the drive :                  Maxtor & Quantum Fujitsu      Samsung                  Seagate                        Western Digital                  IBM & Hitachi                  Drive Fitness Test      DBAN.

then pop your cd in, it should partition and format the drive without problems
You may need to set the boot order to cd first in the boot priority section of the BIOS
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
I put the mobo on cardboard the the CPU, video card, ram, power supply, keyboard and mouse. I did have to connect power to the hard drive to get the power to stablize. I took the battery out and moved the jumper from pins 1-2, to 2-3. Moved everything back and nothing happend. I'm not sure if I should've but I did hook up the reset switch, power switch, speaker. No beeps or anything. I think I might have to try the CPU I'm using right now in that mobo. Just to eliminate that part of the equation.
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
One more thing. I did format the drive, reinstalled and have that running on another tower for now until I can get this new mobo working. All is well with the hard drive.
yes, looks like a mobo  problem.
>> I might have to try the CPU I'm using right now

Make sure to use known working ram. You can put the 'old' ones in the other system to test them.
And as long as you have things apart, see if the 'old' cpu will boot, also.
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
If I put the "old" CPU (Athlon XP 2800+) in my computer that has an Athlon XP 3200+ CPU, will that effect the hardd drive that's already set up for the 3200? Or can I just put it in, see if it will boot, then change them back without changing anything on my computer's configuration?
No problem with doing the change.You don't even need to attach the hard drive to see if it posts, It will just stop at that point where it looks for the drive, but a CPU change will be seamless even with the hard drive attached.
i thought so too, but the result was different : after upgrading the cpu from 2.4 to a 2.6 on the same mobo, it kept saying that it was another cpu . ..  no way to get around it but reinstall XP
Could you clarify that statement Nobus, -->i thought so too, but the result was different : after upgrading the cpu from 2.4 to a 2.6 on the same mobo, it kept saying that it was another cpu<--
what mobo are you referring to. We don't know what mobo is in Myvmax's OTHER computer.
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
I have an ABIT AN-7 in my computer which is working fine, and the one I'm having problems with is a Pc Chips M848A.
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
This is my concensis. I put 2800 cpu in my computer and it wouldn't boot. I put my 3200 cpu in the pc chips board and it would'nt  boot. I put the same processor in the old board that I was replacing, and it didn't boot. I put the ram from the system I'm working on into my working computer with my cpu, my system wouldn't boot. So I 'm guessing that the processor (AMD 2800) is bad, the ram is bad, and both mobo's are bad. So it looks as if I'm going to have to replace them. My system (the 3200) is up and running again after going back into the BIOS because it recognised that the cpu had been changed.

                                                      Thank you all for your help.


Thank you much.    : )

>> the processor (AMD 2800) is bad, the ram is bad, and both mobo's are bad
The old 'hat trick'. Very rare. But now you know why we swap parts around, to check everything.

Ain't hardware fun?   ; )
Just for posting sake, I would be leery of using that PSU again because it sounds as if the whole system was recieving some kind of power surge in order to fry all three components.
MyvmaxAuthor Commented:
I'm not sur ehow good it is, but I have an ATX tester from Antec that I used to test the PSU. It says that it's working the way it should. Antec it a good name so I guess I take it for granted that the PSU is working as it should be.
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