Long delay logging onto domain for one profile only


Ive been on this problem for 5 hours now, and have gotten no where with it. I did follow every suggestion in this thread without success:


Using msconfig, I did determine that stopping all services corrects the problem, but then of course ... all services are stopped. I could not narrow this down to any single service. It seems that stopping enough services to keep the machine from communicating with the server does the trick. When I set all boot options back to default then boot the PC with the LAN cable disconnected, then log in, it tells me that it cant find the roaming profile, then loads explorer.exe without any problem.

However, with the LAN cable connected, here is what happens ...

The PC boots ... I Ctrl+Alt+Del, I put in the password, I hit enter, I see the background, I hear the music as though I logged in, I then hear the hard drive go for a bit, then I get crickets for about 5 to 10 minutes, then BAM explorer.exe finishes loading and everything is happy until I log out or reboot.

When I log in as Administrator or any other user, I have no problems.

When I use this account on another workstation on the LAN, I have no problems.

It appears to be only this account on this computer.

The username Im logging in as is bk

I'm ready to call a priest to have the darn thing exercised!

I really dont want to reinstall XP. This is a fairly new Dell Optiplex (about 2 months old now). Even though the config is fairly straight forward, a complete reinstall could take several more hours ... although ... maybe I need to realize I have been defeated for once.


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Hi Mike

"I'm ready to call a priest to have the darn thing exercised!"
Do you mean take it for a walk lol or exorcised
sorry ;-)

Have you tried recreating the users profile, on the local hdd and also the network?

To see if that rectifies the issue.

Also you could go through the services one by one in MSConfig by deselecting all of them and than selecting one at a time and than either rebooting/logging off and back on again.


it could be broken networking

try winsockxpfix

mikesims10670Author Commented:
Yeah ... "exorcised" ... sorry ... spending 5 hours in front of a bugger of a PC can mess with the mind a little.

I deleted the profile on the local machine as well as the servers redirected folder, I then let the logon process re-create the profile folders. I also went through the services for almost two hours in msconfig deselecting all ... then re-inserting in groups of 5 or ten until it broke. When the last set of 5 broke it, I deselected them then scrolled to the bottom of the list and added 5 completely untried services (leaving the 5 that were part of the break set unchecked) ... doing that broke it as well. So it was impossible to nail it down to any specific service or group of services. It does seem to me that it has something to do with the network and perhaps roaming profiles. However, the account works fine on other PCs and other accounts work fine on this PC.

After I posted the initial message here, I did a repair install of XP using the shipped Dell OEM Windows CD without success. I'm thinking I might just want to wipe out the Windows folder with an in place re-install.

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mikesims10670Author Commented:

Do you think if it is a winsock issue - that it could be dependent on a single users logon?
Hi MikeSims,
This tool from Sysinternals might help you isolate the problem.


Good Luck,
What it a single profile that is causing it and other profiles on the same pc are fine then it must be a corrupt profile
mikesims10670Author Commented:
I agree that it must be a corrupt profile on that machine, but when ive deleted the profile folder on both the machine and the roaming profile path on the server, AND I've logged in as administrator on the workstation and deleted everything I could from the HKEY_USERS hive ... I don't know what else to do.

Younghv, I like PsList, but how would the process list of that machine benefit me in this situation? What I would like to see is a detailed log of programs that load into memory during logon so that I can see where it's hanging up.

Hi Mike,
I was thinking of using pslist to generate the list and pssuspend to try some real time evaluation.
Hi Mike

Rather than recreate the users profile on this machine create it on a machine that works fine.  That should copy down next time they log in.

mikesims10670Author Commented:
I reinstalled the Operating System, to learn that the problem did not go away ... then I discovered that the profile tab on the users account was trying to map a 'U' drive to a server and path that no longer exists. Why it works on other machines, or why it worked on this machine not only a month ago is beyond me. Once I removed this setting, everything started working correctly.

8 hours wasted on what should have been a 15 minute discovery. It just goes to show, looking at the obvious is not always a dumb idea, even for the most experienced troubleshooters.

Thank you,

Mike Sims
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