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Exchange Server 2003 Standard

Hello Guys,

We have Exchange Server 2003 Standard in our school... everything has been working ok but recently when I create new users in AD and try to give them email using Exchange --> All Tasks I do not get the 'Create New Email' option???

Exchange Server is fully patched with all the latest SPs

I have restarted Exchange box but still no luck!

Help Please..
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What options do you have?
install the exchange Management tool on the DC
ot use Active directory users and computers from the exchange server it self
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I shouldn't need to install management tool on DC, as I said it has been working fine for weeks.. Its just recently this problem has arised: when I create new user I can't seem to get options to create email address under Exchange Tasks..

What could cause this problem?
login with exchange admin rights
also try to reinstall it it won't hurt
do you get the option to create a mailbox?
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Hi Rakesh,

No I do not get the Create a Mailbox Option or Reestablish Email Option...
1) Are you trying to create a user on the Exchange server or another server.
2) If it is another server then check whether you are able to get any exchange tabs when you open the properties of an existing user.
3) If you are on the exchange server then open the properties of the server in the exchange system manager and see if the checkbox "this is a front-end server" is not checked. if it is checked then uncheck it because front-end servers are not designed to host mailboxes
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Its ok I've found where the poblem is:

It was because we creating new users by copying the existing users in Active Directory. When we create a user from scratch it works fine. So I've created a template user with no email and we will just copy that to create new users...
Cool. Thanks for the upate
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