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Is there a way to mock windows file structure paths


Is there a way to mock this in Linux:


in linux would be similiar to this


The issie here is I want to switch to linux OS for my work station, but my client's servers are Windows Based.  I was hoping to do the above so I did not have to worry about changing the paths every time I work on the files and upload to the production servers.

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I'm assuming this is for apache's config file??

I'm not certain as I haven't installed Apache under Windows but I believe there are dependency differences (module extentions etc) so you really should use a fresh Linux config file.

"IF" all you want to do is copy over virtual domain paths you could place these in a text document then run find & replace

: Find c:\inetpub\wwwroot\
: Replace /home/domains/

Upload the file to your sever, open your httpd.conf and read the file into it via pico, vi, or if using a GUI editor, copy/paste

 If you're going to be testing you should make sure that apache on your Linux box is configured with the same features as Apache on the Windows server(s)
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You don't tell for what files you need this:

Having \ in a url is always a bad idea (tm).
(so much for htm[l] type files) Most non IE based browsers treat a \ as an escape for the next character.

for php, perl etc. they will convert filenames to some extent,  / to \ if the host requires it.
also you could use variables to specify the path part and include that from a platform dependent file.
You might need to create equal pathnames or translate them like the previous post mentions.

Config files could be made platform independent to some extent and use an include to specify plafrom specific stuff.

If you need more details information then please geive more information on what you exactly want.

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I am talking about insides of scripts that require the path to upload files.  PHP, CF, Etc..

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