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Type/With prob

I can't get this to work. The compiler err is shown in Form_Load. I want to write this to a relative file so I can run my hex-editor to take a peek at it.

'--------------------- in .BAS
 Public Type TP
    ln As Long  ' len of this whole thing
    Tstr As String
    Tlng As Long
    Tint As Integer
  End Type

  Global Rec As TP

'---------------------- in .FRM
Private Sub Form_Load()

  With Rec
    .ln = Len(Rec)
    .Tstr = "ABC"
    .Tlng = 1
    .Tint = 2
  End With

  A$ = Rec  ' <=== type mismatch err
  FR = FreeFile
  Open "TYP.DAT" For Random Access Read Write As #FR Len = 50

  Put #FR, 1, A$
  Close FR
End Sub

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I'm gonna try changing the PUT to use Rec instead of A$, might work. One way or another, I have to get this Type out to a relative file.