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scheduled deal

hi there ,

i my program i have a scheduled deals for exsample :

i have a payper deal the customer want to publish an adds in my payper
the adds need to be published every 7 days from the start day
and every 7 days i need to decrease the performance shows from the deal

if custoer a have 24 Shows and every 7 days there is a show in the payper i need to update the Performance show to 22
if 14 days are over from the deal strat day .

how can i do it ?

thanks ....
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this is what i am trying to do  :

SqlConnection MyCon = new SqlConnection();
MyCon.ConnectionString = BL.Conn.ConnString();

                IDbCommand cmd = MyCon.CreateCommand();
                cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM SpyDeal";
      IDataReader reader8 = cmd.ExecuteReader();

      while (reader8.Read())
                      int Every = Int32.Parse(reader8["MofaEvery"].ToString()); // this is the num of days
            DateTime dt = (DateTime)(reader8["LastDateShow"]); // from this date i need to count forward
            DateTime dt2 = dt.AddDays(Every); // if the dt2 is == to the Every i need to do something
            TimeSpan Diff = dt2 - dt;
            // i need to chek if the dt are >= dt2  how can i do it ?