hard drive failure

I have a hard drive that won't boot up, it says that it can't find the operating system.  I tried to use the system recovery and it states that The volume contains one or more unrecoverable data won't run a chkdsk /r.  THis is my kids computer so I don't have a backup of it, is there some way that I can possibly recover the data?  
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You can take the drive out and temporarily attach it to a working pc ( use the secondary channel . . the one with CD/DVD drives) to salvage the data if the drive has not completely failed
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Amplifying simpswr posting.

Disconnect the CD/DVD drive and plug the hard drive there.

If you can copy the data then, then good.

Otherwise download a trial copy of GetDataBack from http://www.runtime.org/

If it can find the data purchase GetDataBack and fully recover the data.

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djb1011Author Commented:
I am not sure I understand about the disconnecting of cd/dvd.  I unplug the gray cable and the other and plug both into hard drive.  The connection from cd/dvd doesn't look like it will fit on hard drive??
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Do you have an SATA hard disk?  See link for pictures of connectors:

I unplug the gray cable and the other and plug both into hard drive.  Yes

The connection from cd/dvd doesn't look like it will fit on hard drive??
Is it a SATA drive?  makes it more complicated . .
djb1011Author Commented:
how do I know if I have a SATA drive?
See the link from willcomp . .
If you take the hardrive out and then put it into the CD/DVD slot of a computer that is working and then you will be able to run the scandisc and also recover the data.
OK.... you did a recovery console on it. GOOD....now try the other chkdsk commands. like /p, /f

Also, replace the PCB board. that's the green circuit board at the bottom of the hard drive. you have to switch it with another drive of hte same brand/model. The other drive doesn't have to be the same siz.e just as long as most of the numbers and chips on that drive match, it should work. You'll realize this works alot of the time. Goodluck!

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