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Win ME Video Card wont go Hi Res Suddenly

I run 3 systems off one Monitor Mouse and keyboard.  3 Different Operating systems.
98SE, WinME and WinXP.  The WIN ME Unit and the 98SE units are IDENTICAL.
The first two units are 700mhz Nortel Systems and the other is a dell. Everything was fine until the other day when I  All I did was
1      Move the units 1 foot over
2      Go to a new "Switchbox" and new cables

Now my win ME system wont run except in either Safe Mode or normal mode at 640 X 480 X 16 colors.  Both other systems can go to 1200 x 1600 x High or true color.
If I move the resolution up from 640/480/16 The system boots normally but it hangs when the video mode switches to windows.  Sometimes the monitor indicator light does turn green but the screen stays black and the unit is unresponsive.  The video card is a part of the board.  I placed another video card in it and did get it into higher modes but the system was still quirky and locked up regularly.  What in the world could have caused this just from doing what I described?

I have already updated the luck
And as I said I put in another video luck
cleaned the registry etc........I hope someone knows something that can help......I dont come to EE until Im at the end of my rope.

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I did switch briefly back to the old monitor cable and plug it directly into the monitor avoiding the switchbox but I didnt have any luck with that.

Check the device manager on the ME machine , are there any yellow or red marks, is the display adapter recognized properly.
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I couldnt concieve that the cable could have caused that problem because the other identical new cables werent having any issues....but apparently it did cause a problem.  It took you to prod me to check it again.  Thanks Much.