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Quick boot

I have a regular Award Modular BIOS V6.00pg, it takes a 10/15 seconds until from turning the cmoputer on until it load the XP, is ther eany way to short this process?

I didn't find any Quick boot in the bios menu.
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Hello samadeus, there are a number of things you can do to speed up boot times,
1) go to 'Start> Run',  type in 'msconfig' click OK, check ' selective start-up ' then select the 'start-up' tab, uncheck all apps that you don't need  or want to automatically start at boot, click "apply' then 'close' and reboot. You should see an improvement in boot times. You can also download a program called 'Bootvis.exe' and is available for free: 
I hope this helps you out...Booda2us
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I know that.
I need to shorter the time between "turning on the cmoputer and loading XP"
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Just add more RAM!
Hi Visual3DMaya

I can't find this options, is there any place on the net that specifies the menus etc?
Your motherboard site should specify or should allow you to download its manual.
There are also reviews for every mobo apart, try zdnet.
Better just press del after reset and enter BIOS menus, there you'll find some of those options if not all of them.