Suggestions where to buy cheapest CPU's

I'm looking for a cheap Pentium III Slot 1 CPU to boost my current computer speed from a 500 to a 950 where can I get one as cheap as possible with the exception of e-bay. I would rather get a brand new one somewhere.
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Your best resource would be the local computer repair shop. Getting one new would be a difficult  venture at best, not impossible but most retailers wouldn't have them in stock. As far as new compared to used, unless the CPU has been overheated  to the point of no return, most CPU's are pretty hardy. A used one shouldn't be out of the picture, hence the reference to the local repair shop, they probably have a few left from people upgrading their computers.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
IF you could find a new one it would (a) not be "cheap"; and (b) probably not be returnable => so you're better off just buying a cheap one on e-bay.   That way you're risking less $$.

However, be sure to check the specs for your motherboard and chipset, and the current speed of your memory, to be sure your system will work with the higher speed CPU.   The fact you have a Slot 1 CPU socket does NOT mean your system will work with a higher speed CPU.   It may require higher speed memory than you currently have;  or it may not work at all.   If you post the make/model of the system or motherboard we can probably help you determine that.
Also you must check your motherboard for compatibility with the new CPU.
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Hey Gary, we're posting all over each other.
I agree that you should consider used for this item - it is so far out of production that no store would stock them.  If your motherboard FSB is 133, you can go up to 1000MHz; if your motherboard FSB is 100, you can only go to 850MHz for slot1.

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