connecting XP home to a Network share

How can I connect a XP home compter to a share on my domain controller?  I remeber trying it before but it would always ask for a password when the computer stars up, and I would have to use the domain admin password
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Steven VonaCommented:
Here is what I found when I was having the same issue:

Hope it helps!
I run this command at startup:
net use \\servername\IPC$ /user:domainusername domainpassword
like this :
net use \\fred\ipc$ /user:administrator password

then when you use a mapping or a \\servername you are allready authenticated.  The issue here is that XP PRO caches the authentication information, whereas XP HOME cannot.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yea, but if you use this command at startup, or place it in a batch file for easy access, anyone with access to this Home computer, that has an account and password, will be able to access the DC shares..  Very insecure, and the reason we do not use XP Home on a Domain..  If you do use Home, then make sure the passwords are over 15 characters..  Almost every expert in these threads knows how to crack a standalone box that has less than 15 characters, which would compromise your network...

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pauljnyeAuthor Commented:
OK, so far my understanding is that you can join a domain with XP home with either of the posts above, but is it really joined to the domain since an administrator didnt add it?  Will it show up in AD computers?
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
No... you CANNOT join an XP Home OS to a domain..  never wil happen.. but, you can access shares on that domain file server, with the use of these commands..  it is far different than the act of Joining a computer to a domain...  And NO, it will never show up, nor can you use ADUC to control it...


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i found this

which says it can
oops its already been said

me bad
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Never used this product before..  but I see that it has little documentation..  I just wonder how it handles the special tickets that are involved in a Domain process..  Does it add Group Policy to the client?  Doubtful, but unless I tested it, I would not buy it.  I also wonder about legality?  At least here in the USA I suspect that MS would frown on this activity, as Licensing is probably the largest, most income producing product line they have.  Just my HO.

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